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Hi, I am buying a house off Plan and using the solicitors

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I am buying a house off Plan and using the solicitors recommended by the Builders. The estimated completion is in Dec 2014 and my mortgage offer expires in Feb 2015. I have the following questions regarding the contract. Can you please advice if this is possible

Q1) I would like to include a longstop date in the contract which means that if the property is not completed by this date:
a. I should have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the property is not completed by the longstop date
b. My deposit should be returned in this scenario
c. I should not be penalised for withdrawing from the agreement

Q2)The contract or associated documents do not mention the dimensions of the property and do not include a floor plan. I would like to have the floor plan included in the contract and also the list of fixtures and fittings that come with the house. Can this be included?

In response to your 2 queries

1) yes, you may include a long stop date in the contract and state that time is of the essence. If the development is not complete by the long stop date, the three things which you have set out will take effect at your discretion I.e. You have the right to go ahead despite the long stop date not being met or you have the right to pull out, get your deposit back and incur no liability.

2) yes, you may ask for the floor plan and specifications to be included in the sale agreement as well as the fixtures and fittings.

I would suggest that you appoint your own solicitor to ensure that all the above matters are included in the sale agreement.

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