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I have a lease with landlady; who shares ownership with her

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I have a lease with landlady; who shares ownership with her ex-husband but he is not party to the lease. Ex-husband has decided to sell the property and asked to enter flat to take measurements. I made arrangements for him to enter but in fact he took a sales agent and a photographer they rearranged all my belongings and furniture putting everything out of place and leaving things in dangerous position for my dog; as well as some of my private papers left in the yard. Now I do not want them to enter unless I am here; but they are requesting to make several visits a day for which I would have to take off work. IS it not considered reasonable, in light of how they have behaved, that I insist on being present when they show the flat?

Yes, it is reasonable of you to insist that you are present when they are in the property.

In fact, you may refuse point blank to the ex husband viewing the property and tell him that your lease is with the landlady and not him and that he should not bother or harass you. You may stop all communication with him and his sales agents.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your initial answer. Does this change in any way if the bank account to which monthly payments go belongs to the ex-husband?

He is not named on the lease, or signatory to it, but it is his account that benefits from monthly rental payments.

My answer still remains the same. You may insist that you are present for any viewings and that they will be at your convenience and that henceforth, you will only deal with the lady as she is the landlord named in the paperwork.

All the best
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