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My employer leased a flat in September/October(in their name--they

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My employer leased a flat in September/October(in their name--they were the leaseholder and responsible for paying the rent,etc) to provide me with temporary housing for 6 weeks after I relocated to London from the U.S. to accept a new position within the company. The leasing agent alleged that upon vacating the premises, their were damages in the amount of 310 pounds. This is ridiculous and false, however that's not my point. Now, nearly 8 months later, and out of the blue, my employer is saying I am responsible of reimbursing them for this amount.
However, I say I am not responsible for 2 reasons:
1, I told them right away when the first notified me that the leasing agent alleged damages that such allegations were false and I disagreed with it
2. My employer apparently failed to file a dispute with the leasing agent. I am assuming they should have been the ones to do this since they were the leaseholders. In any event, if this was not the case, my employer failed to inform me of anything that I would need to do or that I was responsible for filing a dispute, or that there was a 90 day window in which to do so. The leasing agency was communicating directly with my employer, not with me.
So, who is actually responsible for filing a dispute: the leaseholder or the occupant?
Even if I am legally responsible for filing the dispute, my employer failed to inform me of this and failed to explain to me the procedures for filing a dispute and that there is a 90 day window and I did not have access to the leasing documents/conditions, so in light of their incompetence shouldn't my employer accept some responsibility here? I appreciate your opinion and advice! Thanks very much.

Yes, you are correct, your employer should not have settled or paid the amount without discussing the matter with you first and they may not claim this amount from you now, unless you agree to pay it to them.

You may go half way with your employer is you want, if not, you should say so and deny any liability for the amount as you did not cause any damage and that the charge is not justified and is disputed by yourself.

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