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Where can I find a solicitor near me who will do a printed

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Where can I find a solicitor near me who will do a printed letter to the person who has my dog,giving them 1 last chance to return him or it will carry on to the county court ? Also letting them know that i have lots of 100% proof that the dog has been mine for two & half yrs,I.e. Signed forms by people,from neighbours,pdsa,dog groomers etc & when I got him tagged which all say that they're willing to stand up & say I've had the dog everyday for last 2& bit yrs. dog is only 2yrs & months old now

Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.

Why has the mother decided to keep the dog please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Well,2&half-3yrs ago I got a call from the mum upset that the landlady of the house said the dog wasn't allowed to be there,she pleaded with me to have him myself rather than the only other option which was in a dogs home,that way they'd know he would have a lovely life & they would be able to see him now & then as we was friends.i agreed even though I was in a flat & hadn't had a dog b4! Since then I've paid for all medical -food-had him chipped basically everything & have even moved from my dream flat to a house with garden for me & dog to live happily ever after in.i don't drive now due to epilepsy but still take him round when they ask to see him! She says she wants him back as hers,even though they're still in house he's not allowed to live in & i have been shocked big time,if I thought they was going to do this i Wundt have took him there,but he is my life as I can't make kids & if I was only looking after him I wouldn't have moved or paid for all his needs for 2&half yrs would I ?
Are you prepared to risk a court order that he be sold? So both of you could lose him?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Well to be honest yes,because I'd do my best to get someone I know to buy him for me if possible! Also the woman is very young & has lately been going through boyfriends rather fast,which is up to her but as I'm someone who thinks the world of all children (my parents are foster carers) i don't think it's right to have guys staying there after they've only known each other for a wk,poor kids must wonder what's going on! Anyway back to buddy the dog,I've given up work for a while due to having my epilepsy & buddy is with me near enough every min of every day! The chip in his neck is in my name & so is all else,I've got statements from people like the local shop keeper & others who know buddy is with me like a Siamese twin & I've even got a pedigree come through today for him which now shows he's mine more than anything. I won't even imagine not getting him back as it will break me & I think if sent a letter showing I'm not giving in,I think she will hopefully see what everyone says is best for buddy,she has 3 cats & 2 young girls & buddy was all I had! I just feel a letter on headed paper will do more than a letter from me.also as long as I don't trespass or use physical ways of doing it,I can call buddy to me over park 1 day & put him on lead & walk home,surely I'm then going to be totally legal with him as she has no certificate etc to say otherwise.then I'd go to live in Devon where some family are & live a happy life with buddy?

Any local high street solicitors will write to this person for about £100 plus VAT asking for return of the dog and making clear that you will seek a possession order if that is not forthcoming.

Obviously that may fail.

If it does then you can seek a declaration of ownership from the county court and a consequent possession order. YOu do need to bear in mind though here that the risk is very high that a court would conclude that this is a jointly owned dog and the proper order would be an order for sale and the proceeds divided between you. Usually that brings an end to the case because nobody wants that to happen.

Can I clarify anything for you?

Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I just want to say thankyou as all I wanted to know was could I get a solicitor to do the letter,but also what sort of solicitor am I looking for as I'm not sure what this will come under,thankyou very much