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My husband walked out on the 2nd June. He flew back to South

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My husband walked out on the 2nd June. He flew back to South Africa. He sent me an e.mail from Gatwick telling me that that was what he was doing. I told him on the phone that if he wanted a divorce he would have to divorce me as I do not have the funds. He will not reply to any e.mails, or phone calls. I work away from home, and on speaking to my son this evening it appears that my husband has sent me something from S.A. via DHL. AS there was no-one home to recieve the article, I have no way of knowing what it was. I am assuming that it was a writ for a divorce. According to my son who tracked to DHL , there was an order on the atricle that it must be returned by the 1st. Today. Is it possible that he can divorce me without, me knowing about it? He woukd be uysing a South African lawyer.

Sorry to hear this.

That is very unlikely as he will be required to serve divorce papers on you.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

According to S.A. law, if there is no response to a divorce order, it will be classed as 'uncontested' and the pursuant can get divorced. I would like to contest the divorce. How do I find out who his lawyers are if he does not respond to any communications from me?


I am afraid that would be almost impossible to know or find out without him co operating.

You should try and get the DHL package to see what it contains unless DHL has already shipped it back to him.

I would also advise you to appoint a South African lawyer to act for you and get in touch with your husband to see whether he has indeed filed for divorce in S.A and if yes, to contest it on your behalf.

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