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In the last couple of days u may have read about the police

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In the last couple of days u may have read about the police re-investigating an area of argyll for the body of a woman murdered in 2010. stating a witneess had seen a silver car on two occasions. this was after a new crimewatch apeal. I am that witness however that info was given 4 yrs ago. when i was described by the police as the key witness the reason i was not called is that something happened days after what i first witnessed. i should have told the police at the time but i was still shocked that what i had seen was real it took me about two months to tell themabout this other event and in my heart of hearts i no it must have been conected. because this affected me so badly and i badgered the police i then became unreliable so i wrote a letter to the chief constable and took a copy to a local solicitor he said he had top people working on it ifelt the police had made amistake and they did noy beleive me. weeks later i contacted the solicitor and he basically told me i had imagined it. on the 13 june i came home fromwork and this solicitor turned up shortly after saying he had a friend that was a journalist that had been lookin at the new crime watch apeal. i felt releived that after 4 years someone was saying it looks like the police did make a mistake.this conversation was witnessed by my partner. last week his friend the journalist started trying to contact me i have contacted the police and told them about this but do not wish to talk to the originnal team as i dont feel i can trust them. the article and its contents have gone national press however it does not name me thank god but the details could only have came fromthe solicitor as i did not discuss anything with the journalist. he does not mention the the full details as they are pretty gruesome i am worried and feel let down by all sides in this thankfully i have friends who i also gave copies of that letter that know this has been difficult but the details in that letter were mirror images of the prosecutionscase that only someone who had witnessed these events could have known. i feel i need protection in this matter but after whats happened i do not know where to turn. the details in the press are historic but mirror my statement to a degree except i witnessed much worse than stated. there must be some new witness staements for the police to start intensive searches in the area that i said happened after the original thing i witnessed which coroborates my statement. please help
Thank you for your question.

I am having a little difficulty following your narrative. What are your specific concerned about this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

specific concerns can a solicitor pass on info to the press from someone who is only trying to be honest an truthful and seek there advice. I saw the man with the womens body this is all in my letter to chief constable that the solicitor got.But because what i saw and the way it affected me and also the unusual digging i heard three days later i could not give evidence without being called unreliable.(they tried to make out i had imagined it) now 4 years later fresh evidence suggests i was alllways telling the truth.

I am worried the press will divulge the rest of my letter and possibly hamper the police new investigation

Is the solicitor acting for you? Are you the solicitor's client in other words!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when this happened i went from being key witness to unreliable because i didnt mention the digging until two months later. what i saw affected me badly. but i know the area which is very remote and also where i live. there was something wrong but the police were adament and continued there search elsewhere so i wrote the letter and asked the solicitors advice and gave him acopy as well as sending it to the chief constable. it now turns out after the new appeal they are searching wherre i said i heard the digging


A solicitor can't divulge information to the press. The solicitor is bound by client confidentiality and can in some cases be struck off if he breaches that rule. Such a breach is a conduct issue that would be referred by the Law Society to the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal. The solicitor can only speak to the press if you authorise him to do so.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your time in this matter. After the new appeal i didn't contact the police as i had managed to get this out of my system the new appeal brought forward new witnesses that seem to corroborate what i had said from the beginning. All i ever wanted was for someone to take me seriously i feel that the evidence brought forward in court the make colour and model of car, i repeatedly said there was something red in the boot, i described it to one officer a bit like a breakdown triangle(turns out it was a red and white sports umbrella and i was describing the triangle) I also repeatedly described the car as being unusually low to the ground( the police could not use the car in reconstruction as the suspension was too badly damaged) the fact i identified the man. If i could remember these details from weeks before when i was interviewed then why would i make up the unusual digging i heard three days later. why was there a mound of earth that would have could have been a shallow grave the mans voice i heard at the time of digging was an east coast accent the culprit came from Edinburgh. I have to live with this on my cons hence and there is a girls mum and dad who still dont have a grave to visit. Just feel so stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place any advice would be appreciated. thank you again and i did rate you.


Thanks, can you let me know what your specific question is?