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Good afternoon, My name is***** and I rent out

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Good afternoon, My name is***** and I rent out a flat at 8 Netley Gardens, Morden, SM4 6JW and I wish to find out my position for an unwanted vehicle which has been placed on my property (beside the flat) without my permission. The vehicle in question has been placed there for the past two years, Reg No: R391 EGJ, Tax expiry date: 31/5/2010. Owner of vehicle is called Roy, 14 Netley Gardens, Morden, SM4 6JW. I have contacted Police 101 Ref: MET Police CAD 7638; Merton Council Parking Services, my Barclays insurance co. and am trying to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. Nobody appears to have the Power to help me because the vehicle is on my property and there is no Drop Down Kerb. Please can you advise me for removal of vehicle. I have spoken to the Owner of the vehicle who does not want to know as well as my Car Mechanic. I have been told "Do whatever it is you have to do"! It is not my car so the car remains there for ever more. Can you help me please, Thank you, ***** ***** My mobile number: 07984 412807 to speak to me please.

LondonlawyerJ :

Hello I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to assist you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

Do you know how the car came to be where it is? It might be a good idea to contact the owner and tell him (ideally in writing/email) that you will be selling it for scrap in a fixed period of time (eg 7 days) and that if he wants his vehicle he needs to get it within that time as after that point you will treat it as abandoned and dispose it as scrap. If he doesn't respond than you can dispose of it. If you make a profit you could an offer to give it to him or some of it taking into account your trouble and inconvenience. There is no risk of a credible allegation of fraud if you do this. As it is on your land if you want it gone you will have to move it.


Thank you so much for your help. I will definitely write to him again with this suggestion and I will give him 7 days to take this course of action. Thereafter, I will be arranging for a chain to be placed across the side garden so that this cannot happen again. Shelagh Rattray

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear London Lawyer, Thank you for your help and for your response to my question. Well, the gentleman with the broken down car on my property, remains reluctant to move his vehicle. I am being very patient and have actually telephoned the RAC to help him but they could not as this is not covered on my insurance. I will try again, over the w/e when I will have more time. All I want to achieve is to have all of my property returned to its normal state as I bought the property so that I can keep it clean, tidy and presentable. Once this is achieved I will have a chain placed across the front so that this does not happen again. I will even telephone for a Tow Truck. thank you Shelagh Rattray

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear London Lawyer


I am writing in response to your reminder from my original question. Re: Untaxed car still remains on my property. I have personally obtained mobile numbers of scrap cars/vans and have passed these on to the Owner of the car. I have also had mobile messages left for me from other neighbours stating that the side of the property is becoming any eye sore. I have given the owner of the vehicle until \Monday 14/7 to have his vehicle removed or else I will be telephoning the scrap yard people myself. I have had enough of this situation and there are angry neighbours - including myself. I am finding this very upsetting! I will keep you posted on the situation. Please can I have your name so that I know who to address? Thank you Shelagh

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello - I do not have a contact name so I can't address the solicitor in person. Basically there is no change to the situation. I will be driving round to my property I own today to double check that the unauthorised vehicle is still sitting on my property. One question please: I have already paid one fee. How does your fee status work? i.e. I have several questions and I do not know how much you will charge me. Thank you for your help. Shelagh