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I am the sole executor of my mother's Will  which was 'stored' with her solicitor. The solicitor automatically applied for probate but did not make me aware of her fees. I then found out I could have done this myself so I asked  to take over when the application was complete. She agreed. Probate are ready to send me the certificate but the solicitor  refuses to confirm this with them until I pay her fees. Her reason being I would have my mother's £80.000 'cash' estate and might not pay her and she would have to come to England to sue me.

I'm also concerned that the original  Will and application were lost and the solicitor blames the private legal delivery service she used. She commented 'they are always losing documents' and yet she continues to use them,  For some reason they are unable to track the documents. I would think she has billed me for the extra work but her bill for £2640 is not itemised


I appreciate your response





You may apply to the Law Society for a remuneration certificate to assess the reasonableness of the solicitors fees, you may do so within 1 month of the bill being raised and provided you have not paid the bill.

You may also raise a complaint if you are not satisfied with the solicitors service especially the loss of the original documents, see here how to do so

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply


Probate are sending the 'certificate' to the solicitor who will send it to the Bank to release my mother's estate into her account. She will then deduct her fees and send me the remainder.


Can I prevent her taking her fees out as I will not be able to apply to the Law Society if she does?


Also, the solicitor is in Northern Ireland so I assume the same applies?


Thank you




You should send a letter to the solicitor instructing her not to deduct her fees and advise her that you are in the process of obtaining a remuneration certificate from the law society,

You should copy your letter to the law society as well.

Yes, this is under NI law.

All the best
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for the advise. You have made me more aware of the process and given me a clear pathway forward.



Welcome and good luck