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I bought a Caravan from Grants caravans Dundee.It wasnt ready

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I bought a Caravan from Grants caravans Dundee.It wasn`t ready when we told the lady that qwe wanted a particular van the lady agreed to put the sold sign on it and she would get it cleaned serviced etc.
When we went to pay£9000:00p cash for it it still wasn`t ready but she said she would get it ready quickly,serviced and cleaned.
she said we could take it down to her site at Monifieth and try out the vaan for a couple of days and that she would phone us and arrange a suitable time.
Couple of days later just after 3pm her daughter phoned and said the van was ready and told me that they were to deliver it.
It came around 3:30pm. and it was put in my Driveway.
When I told the chap that we were meant to be shown how everything worked he didn`t know anything about it except to say I should get a bigger battery for the mover.
I then asked him if he could show me how everything worked, he said ok and proceeded to point to electric systems(completely different from my old van).but they werent plugged in so I never even knew if ther was electricity going through it .
I explained that we were meant to see everything working in the yard first,and that we were meant to arrange to go to monifieth to try it out,He said to phone Tacey his wife for Site but didn`t know anything about being showed it working.
WhenI went upstairs in my house I noticed that the roof was dirty with tree sap infact it was disgusting.
I specifically asked the lad Brian at the yard if he was going to get the van Cleaned including the roof and he said yes infont of my wife.The fridge was also needin cleaned and he nodded his head.
I waited till Sunday and no contact from Grants so I phoned them and Carol(the boss) agred that wasn`t how they did got a phone call on Mondasy stating that the don`t do Bulldog wheel clamps but would see if they had another stronger second hand one.the couldn`t supply missing shelves I would have to get them myself.
called me on Thursday and Said they were delivering it.
When I questioned them about this they said staff had been in road crah and had been off work for a couple of days.I said I didn`t want it delivered at home I wanted to try it out on they`re premises I wasn`t home anyway.And could they tell me about repairs they said the roof had been Cleaned.I told them there was more than that to be done and she said they had been ,but I said if Mike has just come back to work when did he manage to sort it was it during the nightshift.
I wanted a better deal now for my £9000:00p cash I told her what I wanted one years warranty,one years Storage, and £1500:00p of price or my money back.Tracey said she would have to see her mother.She phoned me next day around 2pm but claimed to know nothing of this I asked her how she and her daughter from day one don`t seem to communicate.she said i dont love but we don`t do refunds and the reason being it was now registered in my name.I laughed and told her logic meant she couldnt buy a Caravan from from anybody else then even for a trade in` utter nonsense`.
I told her I wasn`t happy with the service the fact her daughter tried to force the van on us without making the original agreements and the fact that both of them don`t communicate.Silence but we don`t do refunds.I pointed out that they are on the web from Dealers with one years warranty and storage etc and some nearly half her price ,that is why she had plenty of scope for £1500:00p refund at least but she just said no.

Sorry this is so long winded but my grand daughter were in the van in my garden and are asking where it went this is the main reason I didn`t want it delivered unless it was 100%
working and cleaned and ready to go. Can you please help.
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-Could you clarify the exact basis on which you have calculated a refund of £1,500?

-Also why are you claiming storage?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We were given 3months storage as part of original I said in my statement other dealers are offering more.Also after going on web we see Caravans of same age or similar far cheaper with one years warranty as well.Checked out video from Practical Caravan Magazine and it tells you how to get average price of Vans ,so £1500:00p refund is far from excessive.


OK Gary.

But you agreed a price of £9,000 which I'm assuming has been paid.

I'm not clear why the seller should give you a refund and all the other extras when this was not agreed as part of the deal at the outset.

If you agreed a price of £9,000 please clarify why, after the deal has been done, they should give you a refund.

I'm not criticising you - just playing devils advocate.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Because the original deal was that we would see everything working before it was delivered not told it was on it`s way to my house and her daughtern didn`t know anything about this,

Also we were told that we would get 2days at her monifieth site to try the van out.we would arrange a date when they would call us to tell us the van was ready.We were not told it was ready we were told it was being delivered by her husband,I dont know what extras your`e taliking about.only stuff that was agreed.The van wasn``t shown to be even getting power her Mother AGREED with me that that was not how they did things and could only apologise and that I was to write faults down on a ¬job sheet` and that she would get them sorted immediately.Not just to clean the roof which is what her daughter seems to think that was all that was required.


her son-in-law said that the guys in the yard were about to get pulled over the coals about this.


If it was part of the agreement that you would get a test drive, 3 months storage and be shown everything in working order then the seller should comply with that agreement.

If as a result of the sellers failure to comply with the agreement you have lost out financially then you are entitled to seek compensation for breach of contract and exercise you rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

I suggest you write to the seller setting out exactly the basis of your claim. This is a requirement under the pre-action protocol. The letter should give the seller 14 days to give you a refund. If they fail to do so your next step is to start Court proceedings.

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