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I am looking for some advice, I recently saw a private dr so

Customer Question

I recently saw a private dr so I could get NHS results before the cited next appt in 2015. After giving my hx of symptoms the dr in question, stated he thought I was not/had ever experianced any of my symptoms and they were somatic. Since this appt. I have requested twice by email that no other health progressional be cc'd given this was private consultation and I did not agree with his view. This dr has over looked this confidentiality request as well as his report containing many factual errors and omissions re. What was covered in this consultation.
I have lost all faith in communicating with this dr and still have no results from recent test.
My last email asked agian for this to be communicated... But there was no reference made to this in the letter I recieved.
I have called a few solicitors for advice on how to handle this but they are interested in no win no fee claims and negligence cases.
Is there anyway I can see a solicitor face to face for assistance on how to respond to this
dr... I'm not at the stage of pursuing a case so much as I need to for a 3 Rd time communicate my request but he is a private dr and I have been ignored ( he also claims I only asked him to not cc Gp when I said any other health progressional...) and condescended by him.
Interestingly since this appt. as i continued yo have pain I have seen someone else privatly who has found clear evidence explaining my symptoms which contradicts his view. ( I'm also finding this expensive.. Please help)
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.

This is an online forum and not a law firm.

You could try and appoint a solicitor on a contigency fee basis (no win no fee) if they are willing to take your case on.

At the moment, it seems that your main grounds for complant are breach of patient doctor confidentiality and possible negligence.

You may also lodge a formal complaint under the Data Protection Act with the Information Commissioner's Office, see here:

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