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I am a qualified plumber. I gave a price for a job (£10,000),

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I am a qualified plumber. I gave a price for a job (£10,000), that was accepted and the work commenced. After two weeks the client let me go. Not because there was anything wrong with my work but because the plasterers said they could also do plumbing and undercut me so she handed the work over to them. I had paid for building insurence,(at the clients request), and installed a fair amount of my own stock into the job and I feel that I have been cheated out of an agreement. I have all the correspondence. Do I have recourse to the law?

Yes, you do.

You may recover what you have lost out on as a resulting of being let go e.g. You may claim for the work you did and the materials you purchased prior to being let go. You should calculate what is a reasonable figure to compensate you and claim this from her.

If she does not pay this money, you may file a court claim online at

You have a duty to mitigate your losses e.g. Look for other work and ways to reduce your losses e.g. Return any material purchased which was not needed if you are able to get a refund for it.

May I help further?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The work was estimated by me to take four weeks and cost £10,000. The first week of labour and materials has been paid for. The second week has been invoiced for but not paid yet although they are promising that they will pay it but the last two weeks has been cancelled and handed to someone else. Basically I've been gazumped by another man on site, ( the plasterer).
I have taken on some financial commitments based on the money from this job and have used some of my stock materials which I have not invoiced for( to keep the price down)., and I feel badly done by.
Noted. You should try and come up with a reasonable figure to claim for the last 2 weeks to try and put you as much as possible in the position you would have been had the job not been terminated prematurely.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I thank you for your time. One last question .... Can I sue?.....Lost earnings? breach of contract? Moral turpitude? I really feel screwed over this. Would you represent me?
Sorry, we are not allowed to take on clients here. You may go to the law society website and search for a solicitor from there.

Yes, you may sue for breach of contract and claim damages. Moral turpitude, no.

As earlier advised, if you are not paid, you may file a court claim online at

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you. Most helpfull.
Welcome. Please remember to leave feedback by clicking on the smiley faces so I am credited for my time.