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Hi, We borrowed a friends horsebox, with permission to

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We borrowed a friend's horsebox, with permission to transport a horse. Whilst we were driving it the lorry slipped on a mud bank whilst trying to navigate a tight turning and scraped against a hawthorne bush causing scratch damage to the offside. There was no other damage. I offered to pay to have it repaired, but the person we had borrowed it from needed it for several showjumping events so said she would come back to us when she had the time for it to go and be repaired. 3 months later her husband committed suicide leaving her penniless. She is having to sell the house and now wants to sell the horsebox, so she contacted me to ask me to arrange for it to be repaired. My husband drove it to the garage we agreed on. The man that owns it builds and repairs horseboxes and has 50 years experience doing so. When he saw it he said that the damage could be buffed out so I told him to proceed. She asked him to sell it for her and he discussed the problems with it that would affect the selling price. It was fairly old, not very well looked after and full of scratches on the near side that we were not responsible for. Suddenly I receive a text saying that the window was leaking and that we had caused that and that there was damage done to the rear door, which our horse had caused. She has since added the fact that the floor is also rotten to the list. She is insisting that we pay for everything, including buffing to the other side as she says that now that the side we damaged has been buffed it looks odd so we should pay for the other side to match and the front and rear of the lorry. As a gesture of good will we have paid for the sealing of the window and the damage to rear door as it cost very little and the buffing to one side. However she is not satisfied with that. Please can you tell me where we stand.
Thank you for your question.

She clearly isn't thinking clearly and is trying to blame you for things that you have nothing to do with her and, from your narrative, you have indulged her quite enough.

You have to tell her, in writing, that you are not paying for any further repairs to this horsebox. If she is insistent on pursuing this course of action her only remedy would be to go to court and as there are at least two of you plus the mechanic she will have no propects of success at all. Ignore further communications.

Happy to discuss further.

Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This is what the mechanic has said....


Hi Sam,
Both living area windows leak due to the sealant cracking, how this
was caused I don't know, but wear & tear, body flex & ageing are the usual suspects. Door damage??, only door damaged is o/s locker which has a gouge in it? Floor panels rotten due to water ingress both sides from windows & shower area on o/s.
One thing to take into account, I have no prior history of the vehicle, the
rot on the o/s is in the water storage area, it hasn't rotted in the last 6
months, it's been over a long period. To renew the floor will cost more than 50% of the vehicles value.
We spent 5 hours polishing & buffing paintwork on o/s & repairing rear door hinges & trim.


Tim Chambers


Thank you. That is good evidence for you and reinforces my advice above.
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