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when injured at work by a young person with special needs leaving

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when injured at work by a young person with special needs leaving me very badly bruised i.e both arms and abdomen badly bruised, no significant support for myself eg counselling or time off. Now 3 months later I am off with work related stress due to incident
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : What do you wish to know about this?

I would like to know where I stand with duty of care to myself from my employer


I am awaiting reply

Alex Hughes : OK. I will need a few minutes to type an answer.

ok thank you

Alex Hughes : Employers have a duty of care to their employees, which means that they should take all steps which are reasonably possible to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing.Legally, employers must abide by relevant health & safety and employment law, as well as the common law duty of care. They also have a moral and ethical duty not to cause, or fail to prevent, physical or psychological injury, and must fulfil their responsibilities with regard to personal injury and negligence claims. It seems that your employer may have failed you in this regard.An employer can be deemed to have breached their duty of care by failing to do everything that was reasonable in the circumstances to keep the employee safe from harm. If you believe this has happened in your case you can a) make a claim against your employer for persona injury and b) lodge a formal grievance.
Alex Hughes : Can I assist any further?

thank you for your prompt information kind regards ***** ***** am more than satisfied with your reply

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My pleasure. Good night. Alex