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Hi i have been asked to attend an interview under caution for

fly-tipping. They have sent me... Show More
fly-tipping. They have sent me evidence from cctv. what can i say there, how can i handle this matter. Thanks
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Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : What is the allegation and what is your explanation about this?
JACUSTOMER-nm5cxufn- :

the allegation is illegal deposit of waste on the floor. That was a bike for children but other stuffs were put in the appropriate container. i have the interview tomorrow at 14:00

Alex Hughes : OK. Was this out on the street or a lay-by? Have you ever been in trouble like this before?
JACUSTOMER-nm5cxufn- :

it was not in the street, it was to the bin area. i have always email the street cleansing office to collect my stuffs like sofas, chairs, and mattress and i have copies of all emails and answers from councils. I never been in trouble like this before.

Alex Hughes : Okay this is a voluntary interview and you do not have to attend; but if you do attend then you will be interviewed on tape under caution. There are usually two officers from the council present and you can have a lawyer present if you wish but you may have to pay for that lawyers time. Sometimes you'll be eligible for legal aid it really depends on your financial circumstances. If this is the first time you've been in the situation and you admit the offence the council may consider giving you a caution which is a formal warning. If you deny the offence the chances are the council will prosecute for fly tipping as this kind of behaviour is antisocial and they are trying to stamping out. In the worst case scenario, if you were prosecuted and the matter went to court, you would probably get a fine.
JACUSTOMER-nm5cxufn- :

So if I admit that I have put the bike and i did not know that it was an offence, what will happen.?

Alex Hughes : Usually for a first time offence you would get a warning. If the council decides to take you to court - which seems a waste of time and money - then you'd get a fine. A matter that I dealt with recently went to court and my client was give a £50 fine for leaving a bag full of school books in similar circumstances.
Alex Hughes : Normally they'd prosecute for more serious offences e.g. Rubbish left in lay-boys, country lanes or planned and done regularly.
Alex Hughes : Lay-by I meant not lay-boy. Sorry.
JACUSTOMER-nm5cxufn- :

Thank you for your advice. If i want talk to you again I will connect to this website/

Alex Hughes : No problem. I specialise in criminal law and will be available this evening and tomorrow morning.