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Ex-partners gave me money his mother wants back

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My partner's mother gave him some early inheritance which she sent to me to use to renew the lease on my flat, which he was living in and paying rent and the verbal agreement between hime and I was he'd have 5% equity in my flat. but could not go on the deeds as he's on benefits, had bad debts and can't get a mortgage.  (he also claims fraudulently re benefits and doesn't declare any earning to tax man...)

This happened at Christmas 2013 and we've now split in the last few weeks, his mother has started hassling me for repayment of the money, which I've agreed to do, £300 a month until I have a lump sum, by way of a loan or selling the flat. They agreed to this, now she's done a U turn and wants a lump sum, which I do not have.

She put in her last mail as a title (without prejudice)

How do I stand legally, before I respond to her?


There is no set time period in which you are to respond to her but if she had agreed to a repayment plan with you, she should stick to that and you should make it clear to her that a repayment plan was agreed and that you made a payment of 300 pounds as agreed pursuant to the repayment plan.

You should inform her that you will stick to the agreed repayment plan and are not in a position to repay her money as a lump sum.

You are not disputing that you owe her the money, you are simply saying you need time to pay it back, so I do not see a court siding with her.

May I help further?

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks for response.

I originally agreed to pay him but she's asked me to pay to direct to her.

So do I go back with a very simple response or do I not have to respond at all as I've already emailed with the points re payment.

Can it be classed as harassment if she keeps pursuing me?

You may simply refer her back to your previous emails re: payment.

Yes, you could tell her to stop harassing you further as you have already entered into an agreement and started paying back her money.

All the best