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Good MorningI have a situation that is very long winded

Customer Question

Good Morning I have a situation that is very long winded but will try to abbreviate. I have been divorced now around 7/8 years. We have x3 children that are now: • Jacob 17 (18 October) at college 1 year left • Rebecca 19 (20 Nov) at University but is financial independent • Kirsty 21 Living in Portugal I used to have my sons child benefit book and my ex-wife my daughters as the situation was equal shared custody that worked very well I also through an agreed court signed agreement used to pay £250 every month that supported my kids at their moms and I agreed to do this through the courts until Jacob was 18 or finished college which ever became the latter. I was 90% the main provider for all additional costs of clothing, sports costs, trips, games, x-boxes etc etc etc as you kids always asked me as their moth rarely and it was rarely gave anything to support and this included all money each month to all my kids including £100 each month to Kirsty in Portugal So basically my children never went without anything in fact probably spoiled and had latest newest of everything provided by me I recently moved to Stow on the Wold and thus my son who still could have had equal stay at mine with Rebecca. My son as he is now getting older has requested that he would now like to choose how and where he stays but giving him the freedom to socialize more and more with his mates and be more independent and mature as a young adult. This I supported and still maintained all supporting costs and monthly payments in exactly the same way What has now happened is the child benefit book has now been transferred to my ex-wife and she has instigated a new child benefit claim and I am informed our original court agreement has been cancelled by child support agency and that I now must pay differently and my ex-wife using my sons freedom of choice to hang out socially with his friends as a line of abandonment from me even though it was still me financially supporting his social movements and all clothes, trips, sports costs etc I am being told if I do not comply I will be charged additional costs and incur all sorts of financial penalties and told I now am accountable to pay £500+ each month to my ex-wife even though I was previously covering all my sons support along with my x2 daughters and one in Portugal I don’t understand how this can be right or fare as my children and especially my son never wanted for anything and as I said was actually spoiled from a caring loving Father who has never shirked my responsibility and as I said was paying probably 90% of all support cost while my ex-wife pocketed the money and has re-married with a new one year old baby. This has created a massive strain and pressure on my son who is heartbroken he has been placed as a financial pawn/tool to extract money to my ex-wife. If I was a bad parent who never had my children and never paid a penny in support I could understand! But truth is it has been me alone carried the entire financial burden. This stress and pressure is breaking me please can you support and advise what I can do. Kind Regards ***** ***** ***********

Can you please confirm to me you are Citizens advice?

As I loged into a Citizens advice web site and you then asked for money

I have now spoken to Citizens advise and they have told me you are duty bound to return my money please

Please return the money back to my account

Kind Regards


Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law