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My son and his friends (all over 18) are building a skateboard

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My son and his friends (all over 18) are building a skateboard ramp in our garden (London, UK). We are getting slightly nervous about our liability if, when it is finished, one of them (or some other friend not involved in the construction ) gets hurt when falling on it. Would it be important to have them sign release forms?
Hi, welcome to the site. My name is ***** ***** I will help you with your question. You are quite right to have concerns about something like this. Accidents do happen which could result in a claim against you/your insurance if somebody gets injured using the ramp. Release forms are a good way to deal with this - this should stave off any claims against you/your insurance. Make sure, just in case you have occupiers liability insurance in place - speak to your home insurance company about this - your home insurance may already have this included up to a specified limit. Also as long as they are over 18 thy can sign the release forms. If they are under 18 it will make little difference if they sign the release forms.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Can you please point me to a general release form on the web, or tell me the requirements for such a form? I found this form (, which is very thorough and could be modified to suit our purpose. Is that necessary, or is it enough to just write something short in my own words?
I've had a look at the link you sent. Although I'm unable to comment specifically about the wording used it does appear that you may have some comfort knowing that the form is being used (assume it's being used in its current format) to protect against such claims of injury. The wording does however appear to do what it needs once you have tweaked it. It is of course of course possible to write it yourself which included the release of liability, waiver of claims etc. Of course what you are doing are getting people who use the ramp to accept all associated risks of using it without the comeback of making a claim against you/your insurance if they suffer injury.
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