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I need some help regarding restraining orders and harassment

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I need some help regarding restraining orders and harassment please
tdlawyer :

Hi thanks for your question. What would you like to know about this please?

Customer: My ex fiancé has a history of calling off weddings and alleging dv. I suffered this treatment over Christmas. Thankfully I was able to prove I didn't do it and the case was dismissed however a restraining order was agreed between parties and the court order was 2yrs. Whilst I was on bail my ex was trying to find ways to retract the allegation without losing face with her father. She contacted me using evy method of communication and we met several times. Now she has turned hateful because I have had to challenge her as I didn't assault her. I have her driving past my house daily, missed calls, my golf club have been contacted, my employers told of my past arrest, my friends corrupted (she is very believable and charming), the school staff shoot me filthy looks, the postman has been bad mouthing me to neighbours, she has confessed in writing to hacking my emails, I advertised for a lodger and the lodger sites were contacted. I am trying to get on with my life and have obeyed the order but this is unfair, what can I do. Her father never saw my defence but if he did I know he would make her get the help she needs, is there a way I can get my statement to him to end all this?
tdlawyer :

Okay. If getting a statement to him breaches the terms of the existing order against you - then no, you would need to apply to discharge the existing order or vary it to allow you to contact her father.

tdlawyer :

What you can do, of course, is issue proceedings against her in the county court for an injunction to prevent her from harassing you by driving past and staring etc. and/or you could contact the police and ask then to invetsigate the harassment.

Customer: Police aren't interested. If there is one thing I have learnt from this experience it is that the police assume guilt against the male. Appalling treatment.
Customer: injunctions would mean contacting her to serve the injunction wouldn't it. The order says no direct or indirect contact. I assume her father is indirect.
Customer: i also have her stalking me on dating sites and trolling me online
tdlawyer :

Yes but there must be a provision for your solicitors to serve papers carved out the order's restriction.

Customer: Okay will find suitable solicitors. Thank you
tdlawyer :

Thank you. You only have to instruct them to serve your papers, of course, to get around the restriction in the order.

tdlawyer :

Please remember to rate the answer for me before leaving the chat to close it down. Thank you for your question.

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