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Local bathroom company took on my bathroom to undertake taking

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Local bathroom company took on my bathroom to undertake taking out old tiles, boarding, plastering and tiling. painting and tiny electrical job. They said would take 15 days. The owners and staff took on project management whilst i was on holiday. I returned to find the job only half done and two days overdue - I then went away for further 4 days to let them finish - upon my return the new exciting bathroom was not - the guy had not even washed the grout off tiles, some were chipped, others put upside down, the layout was not acceptable - patching at eye view rather than far wall etc. The owners accepted it was a dreadful job and eventually offered to do it all again.
I could not face going through a further month of trauma - I had lost confidence in them as a company.
They have offered to take the price of the tiling off which seems ok - however I paid £1100 for the tiles - they will not refund this (obviously their mark up is about a third)
they insist I take replacement tiles : am I obliged to accept even when I do not want replacement tiles from them.
They took 20 days, then left the bathroom in a terrible state
Sorry to hear about this.
No, they cannot force you to take replacement tiles and you may refuse to take them and sue them for your money if they refuse to refund it and point out to them your rights under the Supply of Goods and Services Act and that they are in breach of the law by doing shoddy work and in breach of contract by not keeping the agreed time limits, see here for more information on your rights here
May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi thanks for that - prior to the job I paid for all the new bathroom furniture and tiles not the labour.

They have deducted £2300 from the total cost for poor tiling - which leaves £1950 to pay.

However I paid £1100 for the tiles - Am I within my rights to deduct this sum from the amount of £1950 or do I have to pay the £1950 and then fight for the price of the tiles?

You should deduct the price of the tiles from the amount due to them as it is always easier to have your money in your hand rather than give it to them first and then try and fight to get it back.
Hope this clarifies.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Many thanks - BUT they are still demanding I pay the £1950 - I think they feel they are the victims not me - they say they have offered to redo the bathroom and replace the tiles - that is the level of their legal liability.


Are they correct : I have worked on the premise that they agreed the work required to be ripped out and done again - despite the fact that they had taken on the project management of the work whilst I was away from home. The cost of the labour was £4250 - to have the work redone by someone else they agreed £2300 - I have taken the cost of the tiles which would also have to be replaced off the outstanding amount of £1950 -

I can see their argument that they offered to redo and replace - BUT they seem to forget the trauma that I have been through and that they cut all th tiles in my house rather than outside and left the house in terrible state.

Moreover they were initially late and I gave them a further week to complete - despite all of that the bathroom was by their admission not acceptable. Can I claim for compensation or am I in the wrong by doing what I have done. Thanks for your help.

I would not advise that this matter go to court, it should be settled out of court as far as possible.

Your main ground of claiming against them would be that they carried out the work shoddily and contrary to the requirement that it be done with reasonable care and skill. As a bathroom company, they would be expected to be skilled in such a job and they did not show this skill.

The timing argument would be difficult unless you specifically told them that time was of the essence.

Claiming for trauma is not possible I am afraid.

If possible, Having thought about your case further, I would suggest that you give them another chance to redo the work and negotiate a discount or rebate for you to be elsewhere if you are unable to live in the property while they are doing the work.

You should specifically indicate in writing that time is of the essence and that if you are not satisfied with the work,you will be entitled not to pay them or pay them a token amount only.

This would put pressure on them to complete the job properly.

The other option is you hold your ground and tell them you will deduct the cost of the tiles or they give you like for like tiles in replacement.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Bottom line from what you are saying is that they are right? - please confirm.


- the point is I do not have confidence in them to redo nor could I cope with the trauma which is why i went away last time.


They have provided a valid argument, yes, but on a balance of probabilities, your case is stronger and you may hold your ground about them being liable for your tiles.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok thanks