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I brought a car from a dealer yesterday but I feel I made a

Customer Question

I brought a car from a dealer yesterday but I feel I made a mistake can I cancel it today I have paid in full for the car
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 3 years ago.

Alex Hughes : My name is Alex Hughes and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : Why do you wish to return it?
JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

I just feel I brought it in haste and was pressured into buying it

JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

I have not pick the car up yet

JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

are you still there

Alex Hughes : Good morning. Yes, I am here.
Alex Hughes : Can I just confirm that you paid in full out of your own money not finance?
JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

can I get an answer

Alex Hughes : Did you pay from your own pocket or on finance?
JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

my pocket

Alex Hughes : Sadly it's too late then to pull out of the deal. Under contract law the deal is done and, of course, you have paid in full. There is no cooling off period in this arrangement and the dealer is not obliged to take the car back and give you a refund. I'm sorry but sadly that's the position in law. You are bound by the agreement.
JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

what happens about a cooling of peroid

Alex Hughes : There is no cooling off period when finance is not involved and you bought at their premises.
JACUSTOMER-wsylggav- :

the car is with the dealer I have not pick it up yet

Alex Hughes : That makes no difference unfortunately. The deal has been done. If you're refuse to collect the car the dealer is not obliged to give you a refund.
Alex Hughes : I am sorry to see you have rated 'poor service'. I can only tell you what the position is in law.
Alex Hughes : The fact of the matter is that you have purchased a car from a dealer and paid in full. You changing your mind does not give you the right to cancel the deal and get a full refund. Whilst you have certain rights as a consumer - the dealer does too. Its unfair to expect a dealer to refund in full just because a customer has changed their mind.