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hello there. I own a company and somebody has wrote a review

Customer Question

hello there.
I own a company and somebody has wrote a review on our company in august 2013, i have tried my best to speak to the company who have allowed the post to be entered on to their site, however they will not provide me with details off who has wrote the post, the post seems to suggest that we have ripped the customer off, of which we do not do that and i have been fair to the point where i have asked trustpilot to put me in touch with the people who put the post so as i can refund them their monies, they say they have spoken to the post and they do not want to be known, this leads me to believe that the post is false, or further to that i believe the post has come from previous employees who have moved to a competitior who in turn took clients and paperwork from my company and are now trying their best to pull the company down to its knees.
The post is having a major impact on our company as it now ranks number 3 on page 1 off google.
I note there is laws in place now were people can ask for posts to be removed, i have spoken to google and they are also refusing to do anything is there anything that can be done going forward please ?
The post link is
Many thanks
Chris @ Cobra
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.

Your problem is that is operating from the USA so you will find it very hard to do anything legally against it.

There is a with a Danish address.

However, I am afraid it is up to you to prove that the review is indeed fake as you cannot do anything about an honest and truthful review as honest opinion and truth are defences to claims for defamation.

see here:

I am afraid unless you are able to get a court order in the English courts and then try and enforce it against trustpilot, you will find it very difficult to do anything. You may "claim" your business on trustpilot and see if you can do anything to improve the image of your firm there.

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