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Would it be possible to know the documents required to switch

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Would it be possible to know the documents required to switch to ILR from tier 2 general. I have worked for 2 companies on tier 2 general. Do I need any documents from previous employer?. For what period should I need to submit council tax and utility bills. My rent includes all the bills. What documents I need to submit. My spouse is on dependent visa. Can he live in different place for his job. Would it effect his visa extension in 2017?
The usual documents required are:
SET(O) form and photos
Any current and previous passports
Biometric residence permit
Life in UK certificate
English language certificate
Last 3 months bank statements
Last 3 payslips
Employer support letter with details of SOC code, your salary, confirmation that the job is continuing etc.
Employer letter for absences
Photocopies of all documents
P 60s for all 5 years.
You may be asked for additional documents at their discretion.
Your spouse should be living with you and will need proof of cohabitation with you. However, he may stay away for short periods for his work provided his main residence is with you.
You do not need anything from your previous employer.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi thank you very much for the reply.

Do I need to submit council tax or utility bills?

Can I submit my payslips if I can't get p60 for any year? my previous employer closed his company due to hmrc order. I got payslips but not able to get p60 for the last year till now. I am still in the process of getting p60. Can my previous employer still give p60 to me?


Yes, you may submit payslips if you have them in lieu of the P60's. You need to check with HMRC regarding the P60's.

If you do not have council tax or utility bills in your name, you do not need to submit them although you may submit a copy of your rental agreement to show that all bills are included and to verify your address.

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can HMRC provide p60 for me if employer can't provide it?

For my previous 2 years my taxable salary is 36,750 and 45,500 respectively with my previous employer. I got increment in my salary in the second year as I got to involve in the complex project. Now my salary with the current new employer is 38k. Is that going to affect my ILR due to change in my salary?

Thanks in advance.

No, HMRC does not issue P60s it is your employer's responsibility.
The earnings should not be a problem as long as they are above the minimum pay rates for your SOC code
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have contacted the HMRC to know how much tax paid to my NI. Tax has been paid correctly. But the employer didn't give p60 to me till now.

I have done my masters in UK. Do I still need English language certificate.

when do I need to take the life in UK test. Once the test is done, how long it's going to be valid?


As long as the correct tax has been paid, you are fine without the P60 as the Home Office will carry out internal checks direct with HMRC to verify this.
If you have a UK masters degree, then you do not need to pass the English test.
Life in the UK test is valid for life and you need to pass it before your ILR application.
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