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I have recently purchased a brand new motor home-it has an

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I have recently purchased a brand new motor home-it has an electric bed which rises and lowers for use.the manufacturers re-called the vehicle to upgrade the bed motor as the original was not powerful enough. On our first camping trip in France the bed failed and has no effective "Hand" operation so I was at 10.30 at night without a bed and as this is a compact van no room to sleep on the floor- I slept outside the vehicle that night and because it was a weekend slept (in a borrowed tent) the following night. The bed had "Blown" its 25amp fuse which was not labelled and well concealed and not noted in the handbook. During the week in France the fuse failed a further twice. I have lost confidence in the vehicle and intend to reject the vehicle as being unfit fot use as I purchased it as a motorhome with a bed and it is obvious that the company have severe problems with the first 40 vahicles manufactured of this new model. The company are asking me to return the vehicle for inspection but I am worried that they may tamper and fix and leave me with an unsafe and unreliable product. I feel that I would benefit from an independent inspection of the vehicle to assess the electrical problems. I live in Exmouth in Devon - Any ideas??
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Is there any reason why you can not have an independent inspection of the vehicle please?


The manufacturers(Bailey) are insisting that the inspection of the vehicle be carried out at their premises and are not willing to give a timescale. If I had an independent assessment I suggest that the manufacturers would "Wriggle" and suggest that the question of my rejecting the vehicle may need to go to court . At the present time I am "Friendly" with both the dealer and the manufacturer of the vehicle .I am desperately trying to get this matter settled without a lengthy "Battle" as I feel that the manufacturers have "cocked up " on the first 40 "new " vehicles of this model. I have rejected the vehicle and want my original vehicle back or a credit which allows me to select a vehicle from a different supplier. Any advise on rejecting a vehicle as being unfit for use would be welcomed.

Alex Watts :

Is there any reason why you can not have the vehicle inspected at their premises but also have someone else independent to have a second opinion?


The manufacturers premises are 100 miles away -the dealers premises are 2 miles away the dealer would prefer to be present at the inspection so for logistics ...........


Any information you can give me relating to rejecting a vehicle on the grounds that it is not fit for use


would be very welcome

Alex Watts : To be clear, you can drive the vehicle ok, it is just some of the internal functions don't work?

The vehicle drives ok - it is a campervan (motorhome) and this whole problem centres around the operation /Reliability of the bed mechanism


I feel that a campervan with no working electric bed mechanism means that it is unfit for use as a camper van

Alex Watts : Do you know the cost of repair locally please?

Sorry.. I feel that this conversation is going nowhere...My question was can you give me any info on rejecting a vehicle.

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