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Hi My bank account has travel insurance cover in with my policy.

Customer Question

My bank account has travel insurance cover in with my policy.
It covers me and a partner when travelling abroad. I had to us it last week when we were in Egypt because she fell down some steps and broke her back in two places and also her ankle in two places.
The problem is is she only moved in on the 5/7/14 and the accident happened on the 30/7/14. The insurance company are asking for bank statements or documents with her name on like cancel tax but we have any. All we have is a change of her address document for when she moved in on the 5th. She works for NHS.
The costs for her care abroad and air ambulance home have run into the tens of thousands. Because I don't have the correct documents I will be held liable for the end sum and I'm scared I will lose my house.
Could you give me any advice please.
Sorry about the gramma
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.

Alex Watts : Hello my name is Alex and I will help with this.
Alex Watts : Did she not notify her bank moving it any utility companies such as mobile phone please?
Customer : No she's on pay as you go with the mobile. She didn't notifie her bank.
Customer : Just address at the nhs hospital she works at.
Alex Watts :

Does she have anything in which there is evidence?

Alex Watts :

Why did she not notify the bank? Does she drive or have a licence, did she notify the DVLA?

Customer : She didn't notifie anybody apart from her work
Alex Watts :

Why not?

Customer : Didn't think
Alex Watts :

Why was she not added to the Council Tax? Were you living alone before?