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Hi, here is one for you. I am Power of Attorney for my elderly

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Hi, here is one for you. I am Power of Attorney for my elderly mum and her only son. Sadly she has developed denture and my wife and i tried looking after her in her own home but found it to small and unsuitable. She is at the moment in a good care home ,but she wishes to live with us.
I have recently put her house up for sale and have received a good offer today from a cash buyer. I want to know if its legal for me to purchase a house that i my wife and i can live in and also care for my mum at home,thanks you.
Yes, this is legal as long as you act in your mother's best interests e.g. Put her name on the deeds on the new property.
Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can i also put myself and my wife on the deeds as she is also POA. As after my mums time i dont want to be homeless.

You may do so but you must understand that the property will belong to to your mother and you should not be using the POA to buy a property for yourselves to live in after she passes on without a very good reason.
All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Would it have any bearing if Her will her will was in my Favor. We dont want my mum in a nursing home and she wants to live with us. But,we live in housing association house that is too small for us to care for her. And my wife is scared of being homeless after my mums days.

Yes, if she left everything to you in her Will that would be good for you but if she has not already made the Will, then she cannot make one now if she has dementia and does not have mental capacity.
Hope this helps
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