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Hi I was served with an N316 to attend court for questioning

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Hi I was served with an N316 to attend court for questioning today. I missed my last hearing due to ilness and sent in a medical certificate.
I was delayed in London at short notice yesterday 250 miles away (from the court hearing) for a very important meeting today which would help raise money for the repayment of the debt. I was only able to inform the court at 9 am this morning that I could not attend the 11.30 hearing.
I sent in an email explaining why.
What is likely to happen?
Thanks Andrew.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help with this.
Alex Watts : As this a suspended committal order or is it silent on that please?

Hi I dont know what you mean. I was issued with an 'Application for order that debtor attend court for questioning' on form number N316.

Alex Watts : Is this the first order you have had?

No as I said in my first question I missed the first one due to ill health and sent in a medical certificate.

Alex Watts : Ok. But this new order says nothing about a suspended committal order?

Hi that is correct it just says as I placed in Bold above. Thanks

Alex Watts : Ok then the court will just issue you with another date.
Alex Watts : Even if you failed to turn up at the first one they would have issued you with a second date but said if you fail to show up at that one you could be arrested
Alex Watts : so even then you get another date
Alex Watts : That has not happened here so you should just get another date.
Alex Watts : Its nothing to worry about
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

OK that sounds good but the court clerk on the phone this morning said it would go to a higher judge in Swansea and it was serious and could result in 7 days in prison.

Alex Watts : No. This was the first order and didn't have a suspended committal note on it
Alex Watts : So no
Alex Watts : You will just be given a new date.
Alex Watts : Does that help ?

Thanks that s excellent. A great service.

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