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Can I complain to an ombudsman about my husbands solicitor

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Can I complain to an ombudsman about my husband's solicitor writing the follow to me with regards ***** ***** maintenance and visitation rights?
Our client feels it is unfair for you to say that Lily should not share a room with her half- brother as he is only 18 months and she cannot yet have reached puberty. Lily enjoys sharing a room with her half-brother and both sleep well. The arrangement does work at least for the time being.
The bedroom concerned is a very small box room and Lily's bed is attached half way up the wall like a mezzanine effect. The reason I spoke to my ex-husband about Lily going into puberty was so she could be allowed some privacy and wash properly in the mornings. She is only 9 and not ready for the hormonal years ahead of her that has unfortunately arrived on the early side for her. She needs to have a daily routine reinforced gently to her to encourage her to care and realize the importance of personal hygiene.
I was furious when I read the above especially using the phrase she cannot yet have reached puberty. It really upset me emotionally that my integrity as Lily's mother was totally undermined, ignored and my honesty bought into question and in writing from a professional body such as a solicitor in law. This was at a time of extreme prolonged anxiety due to my on going court proceedings in a domestic violence case which ended up being adjourned 9 times. I was in actual fact asking for her father's help and keeping him abreast of her juvenile circumstances.
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
I am sorry but no you cannot report this to anyone as the solicitor has done nothing wrong.
It may well have been insensitive - and indeed been ignorant since some girls do indeed enter puberty early but I am afraid that he or she was simply doing their job and representing their client's view.
It would certainly be appropriate to write back and suggest that the solicitor does some basic research since clearly they are ignorant on the subject.
However I do have to say that the court would see nothing wrong in the current sleeping arrangements
I am sorry - I know that this is unpalatable but it will not help for me to be unrealistic about the situation
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