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seanferguson13, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Experience:  3 year qualified solicitor with expertise in UK taxation.
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Hi, I am being taken to court for with holding £330 from a

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Hi, I am being taken to court for with holding £330 from a tradesman. The reason for this is that he misfited the dishwasher door on my new intergrated dishwasher and let it wobbly and not fitted correctly, I had to contact the supplier who kindly fixed it for me. Also I
He fitted the end panels on my new kitchen the wrong way, there was 2 options and he didn't consult myself or the supplier. He also had NOT seen the brochure to which he is implying he did. I have received a court case pack with his reasons behind the application, several issues he has lied about
I have never been in this situation so I am unaware of my rights or where I go from here, please help!
seanferguson13 :

Hi there
The citizens advice bureau appear to have advised you correctly. Under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, the dishwasher door had to be fitted with reasonable care and skill. With regard to any goods which are supplied at the same time, any goods or parts fitted as part of the service or work contract must be:

  • as described

  • of satisfactory quality

  • fit for their purpose.

seanferguson13 :

However, it appears the tradesman did not supply the door?

seanferguson13 :

The question will turn on whether his work was "reasonable" - it sounds on your facts that maybe it was not. Your next step is to file an acknowledgment and a defence. If you think your case is particularly strong you can go straight for a summary judgement - basically asking th court to throw it out before a hearing. THis is assuming it is a high court of county court claim.

seanferguson13 :

I would strongly recommend instructing a solicitor - there may even be a pro bono clinic nearby who could be willing to take it on for free. Alternatively there are "McKenzie Friends" - legally trained individuals, usually paralegals - who charge a small fee for assisting you with your case.

seanferguson13 :

Hope this helps

seanferguson13 :

If you have any further questions, please let me know. If not, I'd be very grateful if you could close this question. Thanks

seanferguson13 :

Hi there - do you have any further queries on this that I can help with? If not I'd be very grateful if you could close the question. Kind regards.

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