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I am being harrased by a local Government Enforcement officer

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I am being harrased by a local Government Enforcement officer and I do not understand why ?
I will be brief as a full explanation of all the details would take too long.
Basically I was accused of not living at my home.....they were wrong.
Then I was accused of having someone living with me......they were wrong
and a dozen other accusations ?!?!
During which time they would stop my benifits without notification.
Everytime I tried to make contact with the enforcement officer , they avoid me ?
Evenso, I am eventually informed over the phone that I will need representation as I am to be interigated ?
I ask why ? and todate I still do not know ?
I then gain legsl representation and I am informed eventually by the council that they will arrange an appointment time and that was in June 2014 .....todate no appointment for an interigation was made ?
During all this period I wrote to them and so did my landlord to make clear that I live there and basically all
is well ; as we are still in the dark as to what the problem is ?
I had informed the council in writing that sometimes my mother and brother are at the house as they are both sufferring with heart/ stroke Issues and there is some concern regarding myself as there had been several attempted robberies at the house.
So I, ve had a few family members stay at the house every now and then due to the above as well as the death of my father.
I sincerily cannot understand why they are harrasing me in this way.
A few weeks ago my brother was standing outside the house and the same investigating officer turned up
and asked my brother if I was in and he said no, they asked who he was and he responded accordingly and made clear to them he, s at the house due to his stroke.
Which seemed to be accepted and a card was left for me to call them ; I called them and was shoked at the politeness of the investigating officer who instructed me that an appointment will be made to see me at my home in September 2014.
I was so shoked at the polite approach I forgot to mention the interigation issue ........They have made me lose so much sleep as I do not know what they want and why the aggressive treatment and lies ( its to much to mention in this memo but they have lied and have been very sggressive in their approach-- at least initially)
Today they have really hit the gutter, it seems that my brother who politely informed the investigating officer that he,s at my house as he recovering from a heart and stroke attack received a letter from a company called Ross&Roberts a ballif/enforcement agency demanding £512.00 there client.... guess who ?
I cannot believe they would stoop so low ?!?!
They have stopped my benifits several times since December 2013
1- accussed me of working
2- accused me of living with some one at the house
3- accused me of not living at the house
4- now they are deiibrately trying to presure my brother into having a stroke by accusing him of owring Croydon Council £513.00 and he does not live there ?!?!
I have never come across such extremely bad unproffessionalism and for a local Gernment Office they act more like criminals and clearly cannot be trusted.
Who can I complain to ?
What is the procedure ?
As this feels like a personal vendetta and I have no ldea why ? its as if they are trying to find some fault in me and the household.
I fear that there actions might trigger attacks concerning my mother and brother as a great deal is going on in the family at the moment...maybe I should send them my fathers death certificate or documentation that would substantiate my brothers illness...I really do not know what to do to stop tjis constant bombardment of accusations and lies.
How can I stop them from this obsession with me ? As I can assure you I am doing nothing wrong and I, ve done nothing wrong , other than have a family that unfortunstely are going through a tough time at the moment.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
So basically you are receiving benefits and they are investigating concerns that you may not be entitled to them?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes that is correct

They are allowed to do that I'm afraid. Its not just that they are allowed to. They are under an obligation to do so.
Of course, if they prosecute without evidence then it will collapse fast enough and you will recover your legal costs.
Your main complaint though seems to be about the inconvenience of an investigation and the general inefficiency of the authorities. I know that it is inconvenient and stressful and they are hugely inefficient but there isn't any specific action that can be taken about that.
If the continue to suggest they will schedule appointments and then not do so then that might be worth a complaint but the truth is that is not uncommon.
There is no way of preventing them taking an interest in you in the future I'm afraid. If these investigations lead to nothing then they may well take the view that there is no evidence to support any claim against you but that is a matter for their judgement subject to judicial review.
Im afraid this is not unlawful harassment. It is the operation of an investigation which is being conducted inefficiently.
I'm very sorry.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Jo C. and 3 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is there an Office within their establishment that I could complain to;as I suffer with ill health also and I am doing everything in my power to avoid relapsing .

I feel there must be an authority above them as they could cause much stress/chaos and probably death in more fragile families with such a bullish and calous approach.

It is without doubt ethically and morally wrong to assume a person is guilty of something to harrass and persue them , as well as penalise them when they have already proved their innocence.

Everyone should have some legal defence against an authority that abuses their position.

Note : in my case I, ve provided proof that all there accusations were wrong and have received no apology ?

Only a short lapse regarding the harrassment and only for them to start again ?!?!

Only on this occassion they are playing mind games and are not telling me why I am still on their radar ?!?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not sure if I am doing this correctly, you have not responded to my last query ? I cannot see your response to my last question and this Email says you, ve answered ?


I, ll wait a bit longer

No, the problem is at my end. I'm in a court with really low coverage and it keeps dipping in and out.

I am really sorry but there are no grounds for complaint here. They are under a duty to investigate I'm afraid.

You do have a legal defence in the event that you are summons to court as everybody else does. That has not happened because you have not been charged.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok basically even though my family are suffering during this period of loss and my status regarding my tenency status has been validated and confirmed plus there is the threat that this extremely aggessive "slanderous" approach could trigger another heart attack or stroke, your saying there is nothing I can do to protect my family !?!

Well, I, ll just have to take a gamble and comlain to their bosses whom I assume will be the head of the local council in the area ?

I cannot beleive that innocent people are subject to such slander and aggression from the authorities and circumstances are totally ignored.

I repeat I am not guilty of anything and I cannot accept a law that states you have to accept being bullied because " we feel like it ? No no no that is wrong and unacceptable......I will write to the council and hope i don, t antagonise thosr bullies as a result ; but i must do something. For ref sake you are saying there are no laws in Government to protect you from someone abusing there authority ?


No, there are laws that protect you from abuse but this is not abuse I'm afraid. This is just an investigation.

I do understand that its onerous and nobody wants to be subject to this but that doesn't mean its not lawful.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

can you please tell me who do I see concerning my abuse claim as being accused of fraud and then a huge number of unfounded accusations has had an adverse effect on my landlord and family; also, take into consideration I,ve proved them wrong in all instances, but they still continue with slanderous now seems that the object of their actions is to make my home life uncomfortable anxsious and stressfull. so I would like to know which government dept or institution I can turn to for some support

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Did you receive my last query as I, ve not received a response ?

No, I didn't. Thanks for the reminder.

I am not sure whether my original message came out? It might be that you can't see it. There are site bugs that do have that affect.

I'm very sorry but you do not have a claim here. This is not abuse. This is an investigation and they are allowed to do that. Therefore, there is no complaint.