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Hello I signed my business over to my mum on the understanding

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Hello I signed my business over to my mum on the understanding and agreement she would sign it bak naw she is saying no I'm really shocked as ah is my mum and we were so close could you please giv me some advice I just don't know what to do
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Is anything in writing please?
Customer: Everything is in my name only the inline revenue is in hers
Customer: If. Telephone rates rent on property electric them only thing is in hers is tax payslips from inline revenue
Customer: Sorry for bad spelling I try an say what I want to say quicker than i can type
Alex Watts : Was there a contract in writing please?
Customer: No it was a verbal conversation wed agreed on
Customer: She
Alex Watts : Did anyone else witness it?
Alex Watts : Does she accept the conversation took place?
Customer: She was helping me it was temper early switched to her so I could get a mortgage with my partner she said that was the only way around it so I agreed naw it's that time she's refusing I think it's because it makes a little profit and I'm so cheesed off that she gone bak on her word I pt everything I had into it
Customer: My dad witnessed it and he's dinging that was the agreement I even had an inheritance when I was younger and gave every penny to them I never asked or wanted that bak by there my pedants and we were very close so I'm shocked they would do this to me for even more money I have dun and gave them so much when I was growing up that there this greedy and saying no
Customer: She's refusing to talk to me my dads saying they never said they give it back and on my life they did I would never hav signed it otherwise y would I
Customer: I told him that was a lie and he said I can rent a chair I've done everything I'm there constantly my mum was doing the books that was it I have still got a loan on going from when I first opened it was for 5 years the business is paying for it wand naw I'm scared if I go she won't pay it and a lot of pills r in my name
Alex Watts : In what way did you sign it over, bank accounts etc?
Customer: Just with the accountant
Customer: Oh and the business account
Alex Watts : Did the accountant know it was coming back to you?

No because we thought he mite say you can't do it we didn't tell him the real reson

Alex Watts : How much is the business worth? What is the reason for refusal please?

There not saying I think it's because of the profit it makes they sea it not me

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