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The estate agent who was my landlord is keeping my mail and

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The estate agent who was my landlord is keeping my mail and will not give it to me until I pay the balance of my rent,is this a criminal offence
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
There is an offence of interference with the mail under S84 Postal Services Act 2000 which you'll find here
but the chances that the police will act are very low basically because almost all of their resources are being wasted on domestic squabbles reported by people who are too childish to sort them out themselves and similar neighbour disputes.
You could try complainining to a more senior officer.
In fairness, I can see their point. They will say this is a civil dispute and perhaps it is but they can get involved in quite a lot of other things that should be in the family or housing courts when it suits them so its an argument that really doesn't stand up to scrutiny.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
In the mail they are holding is a cpc card from the dvla which I need to continue working if I cannot get it on Tuesday I will not be able to work and will loose my job
Yes, I agree. Withholding post is incredibly disruptive to a person's life.
Its a classic trick that I commonly see with domestics. People pretending to be vulnerable who are, in fact, manipulators withhold their partner's post safe in the knowledge that they will have to make contact in the end and then they can report them for breach of bail or orders. I have often tried to get the police to act.
If you really need this particular item then your only option is to pay in full and collect. You could always sue to recover on the basis that they got the money under commercial duress but obviously if the money is due otherwise then that would be pointless.
The only other alternative is to pursue your complaint to the police in the hope that they can tear their officers away for a few short hours from the relationship disputes of the unemployed.
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