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morning i gave a statement last week to the police on one

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morning i gave a statement last week to the police on one of my ex friends whom had been txting me regards ***** ***** a small safe box from a bank .he said me and you could benefit from this so it would give us an cash injection in our buisness . i said you should not think like so because we got family and kids, its not worth it .i said just keep your head down , work away and sooner or later things will get better .i had a break in , at my shop and lost a few thousand pounds worth of ciggerates 3 months ago . things have been hard this year for small businesses , but im not the only one . .i wasnt insured at that time and got nothing back . it was my ex friend started sending me pictures of the bank how to rob it and pictures of the bank inside .i started getting uncomfortable with all this . i come from a very well known family in edinburgh , it would be embarising in front of every one , for me and my family . now i feel i have done the wrong thing . i havent eaten much this weekend and feel sick once i have . im just worried now . my ex friend has started to tell other people out there that im a grass . i dont want involved in this robbery or whatever . i dont want any messages sent to me relating to an robbery of a bank. it gets worse , i got a car on finance for this ex friend , because he didnt pass on finance last year . we also have a disagreement on this too . the car was about £6000 pounds. dont know what to do now . just need some advice .police said it is a civil matter and they cant help. i think i have made things harder for myself to get the car back now . after letting the police know of the planning of this robbery . can you give some advice plz.

i firstly informed my bank manager and then he  informed the police regards ***** ***** matter .i asked the cid to let me know before they went ahead to question my ex friend , so we could make an aliby before hand  . something like that i get arrested as well and make it look like as i was stuck in this too . rather than making my self look like an informant. car was meant to be used for his wife back and forward everyday use . not for him to use it for cash and carry and shop and traveling to work in glasgow and back , 5 days a week . alot of mileage is adding up too, and the exesive wear n tear weekly

Thank you for your question.
I can understand why you feel uncomfortable about this but you have done the right thing by your own family by not getting involved in this and by passing on the information. Had you not done so you could have found yourself on conspiracy charges had the text messages been found before you told anyone about it.
As you can't be found to have conspired and as it takes more than one person to conspire, I'm not sure that your friend has actually committed an offence at this stage either. He has certainly thought about committing the crime but he hasn't actually done anything. It may be that all the police can do with him is warn him off.
As far as the car is concerned this is a civil matter and the police won't get involved. You should ask your friend to deliver the car to you. If he refuses then you would have to raise a civil action for delivery of the vehicle.
I hope this helps.
Happy to discuss further.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there is an another witness whom is my friend . and aware of all this too . police wish to speak to him today .mobile fones had been taken for proof of images and txt , but have now been returned . this friend of mines had been asked to get involved in this robbery too . is it better if he says nothing to police . i can ask him to say hes not getting involved in this matter . which means not two witnesses.

I don't think you should interfere, no. You have made yourself "safe" as regards ***** ***** and you don't want to jeopardise that at this stage.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i shall leave a positive reading friend thanks

one more thing , if my friend doesnt say anything then it leaves me in talking terms with my ex friend , and maybe easily get the car back in normal mannerly ways , than it costing me money through the courts . im broke after the break in at my shop . he will smash and trash my car in side other wise . the car would be worth less then . thanks

You may want to mention that to your friend. But your priority has to be to disassociate yourself from the ex friend's plan to commit a crime. I presume your friend didn't want anything to do with it either in which case he could say nothing about it assuming he received no text messages etc.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thats correct . he didnt want anything to do with it either . only i recieved these messages , im trying to keep him out of bounds and trouble , hes a good lad and got a good heart . hes been in trouble before and can be easily lead on . just worried for him too :( . police want to speak to him because i brought him in this . i told the police he was a witness that he was approached by my ex friend . as he is easily lead . young but learning fast .

if he says he doesnt know anything , then me or my friend arent commiting a crime , are we ?then my ex friend wont suspect anything either .

Correct, yes.
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