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We completed on the sale of our house on the 16th May. We had

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We completed on the sale of our house on the 16th May. We had to spilt our sale and purchase and didn't complete on the purchase of our house until 18th July. We used the same solicitors to handle our sale and purchase. We received completion statements for both. The statement of our sale included the payment of the estate agents. At the end there was £2000 left on our account which was returned. Last week I received an email saying that they had made a mistake on our account and the estate agents had not been paid and I now owed the estate agents £3700. Are the solicitors responsible for their mistake and us it my job to liaise with the estate agents over the payment?
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Alex Watts : Do you accept you owe the estate agents please?
Customer: Hi. I understand that the estate agents have not been paid. But I believe that the solicitor should have paid the estate agents from the proceeds of our sale as all the other payments were taken out.
Customer: We have received a completion statement from the solicitors showing the estate agency fees on it and assumed it had been paid. So I don't believe we owe them now as it was the solicitors mistake for not paying them when we completed on the sale.
Alex Watts : Yes I understand that you say the solicitors should have paid them.
Alex Watts : My questions is do you accept the principle that the money was due to the agents?
Customer: Yes.
Alex Watts : Ok, it's a mixture of news then.
Alex Watts : Sadly you have to pay the estate agent as it is a valid fee.
Alex Watts : However you might be able to seek a reduction on the solicitor costs.
Alex Watts : They were required to carry out a service and they failed to do so adequately.
Alex Watts : Therefore you can seek a reduction in the amount they are charging you.
Alex Watts : If you are not satisifed then you can write to the complaints partner within the firm, they will investigate the matter for you.
Alex Watts : If you are not satisfied with that outcome you can complain to the ombudsman
Alex Watts : Their website is
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
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