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AirBnB and/or the woman I booked a room with for 2 nights is

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AirBnB and/or the woman I booked a room with for 2 nights is witholding £103 for a third night booking that I made in error and cancelled immediately. The vendor said she cannot refund me the money as she never received the money from AirBnB. AirbnB say I have to get the money from the vendor. I have sent about a dozen messages to both AirBnB and the vendor yesterday with no reply bar one phone call from AirBnb at 1600. He left a voice message to say he would send an email but I have received no email. I could of course write off the money, leave a very bad review, and never use Air BnB again - but it is being lied to that makes me so furious, and the false claims about providing good customer service. What can I do?
What is their cancellation policy?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

AirBnB operate different cancellation policies according to what the host stipulates. I don't know what the host's cancellation policy is. The point is I did not actually make the booking. It was not a case of wanting to book 22 Aug and then cancelling. I was only ever trying to book 23 and 24 August and the host knew that. But on night of 21 August when I tried to book, the site said the dates were already booked. This was confusing as the host had acknowledged my pending reservation. The only way I could contact her, the way the site is set up, is to choose different dates. So I just typed in 22 August and this opened the channel to send a message. I said in the message that I was only using 22 as a means to contact her as the site did not allow one to contact the host without specifying dates and if the dates show up as booked already, you can't contact the host (unless it is your booking of course). She knew I had no plan to book 22. That evening, after a cumbersome ID process that AirBnB stipulate, I booked 23 and 24. THe next morning the host contacted me to say I'd appeared to book 22 as well. I replies saying no, I had not intended to book 22 and had not confirmed this date as I'd only used it in order to contact her, as she knew. She agreed. I contacted AirBnB and they told me how to cancel. They said I needed to get a refund from the host. When I arrived 23 Aug the host said she had not received the money but that if she did, she would return it as she knew I had never intended to book 22 August and it had been done in error without me even realising I'd booked it. (I did, when I looked back, receive an email late on night of 21 from AirBnB with a booking reference for 22 Aug, but I did not notice as by that time it was 2300 and I had spent an hour trying to work out how to do the online verification and had received about a dozen emails from AirBnb as they tend to bomard you with emails around a booking. It was all too much) On 24 Aug before I left my host showed me her bank transactions on her computer (though I am doubtful about her honesty) and claimed she had received no money from AirBnB for 22 August. Since my return she has not replied to one single message. I wrote yesterday asking if, since my departure on 24 Aug, the money for 22 Aug had appeared in her account. She did not reply. Meanwhile AirBnB, who reply very quickly when you are booking, have not responded once to about 12 emails from me. I did get a phone call from someone called Matthew circa 1600 yesterday. he left a message to say an email would be sent to me but it has not appeared. I have written twice this morning and no reply.

Thank you.
Since you do not know who has your money, you may contact your bank and see if they are able to reverse the transaction for the 22 August and refund your money back to you.
The other option is to write to both AirBnB and the host together and tell them that this is your final demand and that you will be suing them both if your money is not returned to you within 7 days of the date of your final demand.
If they still do not pay up, you may file a court claim online at for the return of your money plus court fees.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't think so. Let me reflect and either get back to you or rate the service to close the question.

Thank you. You may always rate now and come back later asking for UKSolicitorJA only to answer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am not confident that if I rate now, which closes the question, that I will not be charged another £30 if I come back later with another question.

I am on a work computer and when I leave work, I use the BB. The BB cannot access this sort of link or conversation. So I log on this morning to find hourly messages, through the night, to rate the service. I do not appreciate my inbox being filled up in this way. It is bordering on harrassment. I said I would rate and I will, when I had had time to reflect if I wanted to ask more questions. As I said, I am certain that when I rate now, I will not be able to come back with another question without paying another £30 or signing up to the free trial which I don't want to do.