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Police knocked at my door. How do I find out if they have a

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Police knocked at my door. How do I find out if they have a warrant for my arrest?
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The only conclusive way of finding out whether you're wanted is to go to your local police station in person. If you are wanted you may be arrested there and then. Otherwise they will give you the details of the officer looking for you so that you can make contact and discuss the reason for their visit. You could try and get some information by ringing the station, but rarely do they give out information over the phone for confidentiality and data protection reasons.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When I called 101 they looked up my name and said nothing was showing but I called the solicitor today and think she checked with court and she said was being processed. What could this mean
Why has the solicitor contacted the court? Were you charged with an offence? Did you fail to attend court?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I called the solicitor today and asked them if they could find out why the police came. I think she called the court?? But not sure who she called. She just said she was told was being processed but didn't say what. I haven't been charged or spoken to by the police yet. I left my mobile tel no with 101 and asked if they could call me. It was Wednesday morning at 9am when they knocked but I didn't answer
I'm afraid any answer I give will be based purely on speculation.
The only way to be absolutely sure is to present yourself at the police station.
There may be so many different reasons for the officer attending - possible community safety, looking for help solving a crime, looking for some other person etc. It's impossible to say what the reason might be in your case.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Why haven't they called me yet. Left my number for them with 101 twice now. I want to know why as my ex wife may have reported something falsely as we are in dispute over kids and she's done this before. Surely they can call me to tell me what they want
I guess it's not a priority for them. If it was they probably would have been round again - they don't usually just knock on the door and go away if they are looking to arrest someone. As to why they are not returning your calls etc - I have no idea - that's something you will have to ask them directly.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I've not been at home since they knocked but left a note on the door with my tel no asking them to call. I don't want to go to police station without a solicitor as had been caught out like that before and spent the weekend at the station til I got solicitor on the Monday morning. If there was a warrant for my arrest would they try my parents house as my ex could give them that address
The police would usually visit all known addresses in order to make an arrest. If your parents address is known or given to them then they could certainly attend there.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
They haven't been there at all yet so just really confused and worried about what's happening. If they say it's for questioning could they charge me as soon as I get to police station?
We need to be honest with each other.
What are the police wanting to speak to you about?