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My Solicitor is not good, that is the reason why i want to

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My Solicitor is not good, that is the reason why i want to talk to you
Alex Hughes : Where are you detained? What stage has the case reached?

Ok I was detained here in April (again for no reason) for 28 days section 2, now is section 3, my Solicitor says that she has written to Tribunal services, but it apparently takes few weeks (doesn`t make sense why so long)


They don`t even listen to my Solicitor, looks like I am representing myself, like I had to do in the past with diff Law matters


Now they allowed me 1 escorted leave under section 17 and another is planned for next Mondey

Alex Hughes : I'm assuming your a non-restricted patient?

They are giving me too much Medication which I don`t even need


Who is the best Lawyer in the UK on this matter?

Alex Hughes : Which hospital are you detained?

Any Independent Psychiatrist can examine me and He will 100% percent determine that I am perfectly Ok

Alex Hughes : OK - but where are you detained?

Goodmayes Hospital, Barley Lane, Ilford Essex, IG3 8XJ


I have to pay to people to run errands for me and it is costing me fortune

Alex Hughes : This is an excellent firm:
Alex Hughes : Based in Tottenham.
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Alex Hughes says:
10:22 AM
This is an excellent firm: