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Ash, Solicitor
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Hello! I was treated very badly in the shop Oro Gold Cosmetics

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I was treated very badly in the shop Oro Gold Cosmetics (63 Kensington High st, London) 26.08 – they took from my debit card mush more money than I was told. This place in the centre of London is just full of crooks!!! There are no prices on the cosmetic products – the salespeople can tell any amount as they want. Their specialisation – foreigners, who probably will never come back in London...
After I was ribbed off I came home and opened their website. Pity, I didn’t do it before... Please read just one of the reviews from the customer who had the same problems as me:
“Dashing to my destination, an Arab guy with a lisp hands me a packet of Oro Gold Moisturizer. I accept (my wrong) and he asks if I had a moment. The person I was meeting up with was late so I thought alright, kill some time.
He seats me in the back corner and asks if getting wrinkles was something that I worry about. To be honest, I have great skin and when I age, I'll age gracefully. He's rubbing a scrub onto my hand and says that this will take off all the dead skin, the black heads and white heads and dirt. Fair enough it's an exfoliator.
He next moves to a cream then a serum.. He asks if I put serum on my neck at home and what products do I use. I told him that I switch out my products as my skin changes with seasonal weather. He puts serum on my neck and I'm not uncomfortable. I DO get uncomfortable when he says he would do my chest area if I wasn't taken (seeing someone). I grin it off and said that I had to get going.
He's pushing the product ,I get it. We all have bills, he's got to make money even if it resorts to cheap flirting.
The Products went from 125.. to 50.. then he asks why aren't I buying it? Leans in and whispers he'll throw in another product FREE, but it will be just between us. I still say no. I was trying to drop a hint to cut him short .
This guy has the nerve to say "I only give my card to clients & you are not a client."
So I said well, I need to leave.. I start to walk out and he whispers OK 45.. I said no.
Also if your product was so great, why lower it to 45 quid?
That's like going for a massage and the menu reads 100, but say well, give me a tenner and we're good. To make up your own price for facial products sounds just as dodgy as that fake posh suit and accent.
And do say that you only give your card to clients, could be because you don't have any business cards? But hey, maybe you do..
I was mainly disgusted about what was said about if I "like facials" and how he would "rub serum on my chest"
If you see this place and these people with their samples, do yourself a favour and walk by.
Did some reading up on the product. One person wrote this on Amazon.
"Oro Gold products are made with colloidal gold. The sales pitch promoting the use of 24k gold in their products doesn't mention that there is probably only a fraction of 1 cent of gold in the entire tube or jar - certainly not enough to justify the inflated prices. Colloidal gold used to be used to treat very severe rheumatoid arthritis in the past, but because of the possibility of serious side effects, it rarely is now. Long term use of colloidal gold can cause a condition called CHRYSIASIS, which, besides causing problems such as kidney failure, is famous for turning your skin blue, mauve, or grey! Use of colloidal silver causes a similar condition called argyria. While reported cases of chrysiasis are usually caused by colloidal gold being injected (for rheumatoid arthritis) or taken internally, medication and toxic substances can be absorbed by the skin (think of nicotine patches or other trans-dermal patches such as those for sea-sickness). While short-term use of Oro Gold products is unlikely to cause any problems, I would be very cautious about using them for any length of time. Next time you are grabbed by one of their snake oil salesmen, shout "Chrysiasis!!!" in their ear and walk on."
I’m sure this shop and the whole company in UK definitely needs a good tax investigation! Can you help with advise how to organize it?
Looking forward to hear from you soon!
Mrs Marina Starczewska
84 South Terrace,
Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5 LJ
Alex Watts : Hello my name is***** and I will help you.
Alex Watts : What is it you want to achieve please?

In general - to close this shop!


It was organisation "Office of fair trading", but now it's closed/// I think they could help...Is it something instead of OFT?

Alex Watts : Have you spoken to Trading Stanadrds?
Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : If enough people complain they will take action

No, don't know such company... Do you think they can help?

Alex Watts : Yes, they are run by councils and the citizens advice.
Alex Watts : The council can prosecute

May be it's better to inform the council?

Alex Watts : the council do not run trading standards any more.
Alex Watts : That is why you need to raise a complaint via the website
Alex Watts : But if enough people complain they will take action
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

What about the process of tax investigation? Who can help to initiate it?

Alex Watts : HMRC you can complain to them
Alex Watts :

RM Reveniew?


OK, thank you!

Alex Watts : Does this answer the question for you today?

I understood it's a long process but I want to fight. Do you think I have a chance to win?

Alex Watts : Yes I think you have a chance

Thanks for your help!

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