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Does a regional judge have a responsibility to declare that

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Does a regional judge have a responsibility to declare that when he was a junior counsell 24 years ago, he acted in a case that involved a group of defendants and different representations in a large case in which the current defendant was involved in (she was a minor then) the current defendants parents won the case, but the family the now judge represented then, lost. Due to the international interest shown in that case 24 years ago it left an underground group believing the courts had got it wrong, despite the government spending millions investigating the form of allegations and proving them false. It is my concern that this judge who acted as junior counsell in this case, currently has an undeclared conflict of interests and although I hate to say it, I believe he has a personal agenda. Does he have an obligation to declare? And who can I go to to voice my concerns. Thankyou
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
No. Its not a conflict of interests. That brief is long over.
I suppose you could argue that it may not have the appearance of fairness to the public at large but its extremely weak.
The judge probably cannot remember the case and would long since have destroyed any record anyway.
If you bear in mind that most judges were at the bar before they became judges. Therefore they will have acted for some repeat clients and prosecuted others. They are still perfectly free to sit on their cases.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Good Morning Jo. thank you for your response. I understood it, and it makes sense to me. Sadly, the case made legal history, and part of the children's Act was changed as a result of it, it is one that had a very high media profile and still talked about today. In my heart and mind I know this judge is very aware of the case as reference was made in court to it. I also have spoken to another judge who was junior counsell at the time too. That judge recalled it as if it was yesterday. I have a heavy heart right now as I know that case is influencing the current one. BUT, if you tell me there is no conflict then I have to accept that. I thank you for your speedy response, I was not aware of this service before, and will DEFINITLY use it again should the need arise. Kindest regards, ***** *****
Did the judge do the appeal?

Is he hearing a case now that turns upon it