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ppi I took out a loan in 2004 with gm money , the loan was

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I took out a loan in 2004 with gm money , the loan was for a term of 25 years and arranged through freedom fianance.
a couple of years ago I wanted to claim on my ppi and was told I do not have ppi
I was sold a loan for 25years with only 5 years ppi , which I did not realise I thought the ppi was for the term of the loan.
on top of this I should of never been sold ppi as I was self employed
I contacted gm money and told them I have been missold ppi and would like to claim, they told me to contact freedom finance (who are no longer trading )
I feel that gm provided me with the finance , and are just fobbing me off
Iam dyslectic and im not good at letter writing ,so I would like your help to write a letter to gm money to get my money back
gm money are saying that they did not sell ppi or was there at the point of sale so they cannot investigate fully.
surely they have to look at the loan offer and see if the person can afford it , and ppi was not for the self employed , look forward to your help in assisting me get my money back
thank you Andy
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Have you sought to claim PPI from the lender yet please ?

I wrote a letter to gm money in 2011 , to claim missold ppi, they told me because im claiming missold ppi , I have to go to freedom finance who sold me the loan (but they have gone bust )


gm money say they provided the finance but did not sell it

Alex Watts : Have you been to the Ombudsman yet ?

No i have not been to ombudsman

Alex Watts : You should do this. The ombudsman can recommend awards. They offer a free service at
Alex Watts : if the gym sold you the loan they would have benefited in some way, ie commission for the PPI
Alex Watts : As such if that is the case you will have a claim.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

When i signed the paperwork surely gm have a r3sponsibility to see if im eligible for the loan and qualify for ppi?

Alex Watts :

I agree, they do

Alex Watts :

That is why you need to go to the financial ombudsman

Alex Watts :

Does that help?

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