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Hi my neighbour has a conifer hedge planted on the boundry/planting

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Hi my neighbour has a conifer hedge planted on the boundry/planting line,we purchased the land beside our house in 2008 and he always trimmed our side of the hedge but never cut it back to the boundry.After numerous requests over the years and the many rude remarks from him and his wife he made a nasty comment recently that we where uneducated Irish peasants and did not know the meaning of thank you for the previous hedge trimmings.We sent him a recorded letter two weeks ago stating our final request that he should cut the hedge back to the boundry with in two weeks or we would have a contractor do the job and forward him the bill.We also said if the bill was not paid we will resort to the small claims court.A reply letter by him said it was not his responsibility to cut the hedge on my side and i had his permission to have it cut at my expense and dispose of the cuttings.We do not want any bother but the last comment annoyed my wife so much she wanted to sell our house after twenty five happy years and no problems with any other neighbours.If we cut our side of the hedge we will have to do it for ever and no doubt if the hedge dies after the cutting back he will probably take legal action for damages.Please can you be of assistance.Thank you.John
LondonlawyerJ :

Hello, I am a solicitor with over 15 years experience. I will try to help you with this.

LondonlawyerJ :

I am afraid that it is your responsibility to cut back the hedge to the boundary line if he doesn't do it. If you were to do it yourself then technically you are supposed to offer him the trimmings before disposing of them your self. You have no right to invoice him for the cost of cutting the hedge. I do not think that he would have any redress against you if his hedge suffered as result of your cutting. I am sorry to hear that your neighbour has been so unpleasant but there is probably no legal redress.

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