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I booked a hilton hotel weekend break consisting of three rooms

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I booked a hilton hotel weekend break consisting of three rooms for our family, the package I booked on the hilton website included bed breakfast and late checkout of 4pm on departure day.
On the day of departure our belongings were removed by the hotel at 12pm, the initially denied I'd booked late checkout, then claimed there was no availability, offered 25%refund £1404 paid..... Then only offered £175...... Which was declined in order to make a formal complaint..... On doing so the hotel emailed me claiming I'd accepted the £175!!! Not true.... They then emailed again apologising and admitting that the £175 was not accepted.... To date they have still only offered £248...... Where do I stand??
Thank you for your question and welcome.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you.
What was the location of this Hilton? How much extra did you pay for the late check out?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
It was the Hilton Blackpool and when I enquired they were not able to tell me how much less I would have paid excluding the late checkout, they said the rate was based on rooms available at the time of booking.
Briefly this was a treat for our family as my son and daughter in law recently suffered the heart break of a miscarriage with their first child, naturally there were items (without being too specific) that were let's say of a very personal nature and my daughter in law was devastated that they had been handled by a stranger.
This has been explained over and over to the hotel manager.
Thank you.
How much would you be willing to accept in compensation?
As a result of having to check out at 12 did you suffer any other financial loss?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No there was no other financial loss, we just felt it ruined our weekend, and it caused so much upset for someone whom I was trying to cheer up :(
I'm not sure what I should expect as regards ***** ***** just feel the treatment has been very poor, we were not even in the hotel when our belongings were removed we came back at 3.30 to find it all bagged up in our absence, when I enquired why they didn't telephone me if they needed the room I was told they didn't have my details as I booked through expedia..... Again not true I booked with hilton directly.... They just seem to make things up to cover their mistakes which upsets me even more...... Honesty is the best policy.
Thank you.
In all honesty a 25% refund is probably about fair. Normally the hotel will charge anywhere between 20% and full rate for a later check out.
Ultimately in terms of your legal rights this simply boils down to a breach of contract. You have paid for a service and not received the agreed service - the hotel are therefore in breach. As you have pointed out it is quite difficult to quantify the loss of enjoyment on your holiday and generally for a breach of contract you can only claim those losses that are reasonably foreseeable and can be proved.
What I suggest you do is the following:
1. Retrieve a copy of your booking from expedia so you at least have proof that you reserved a late check out;
2. Go back and see if you negotiate a payment of 25% as originally promised;
3. If they refuse then I would tell them you will report them to trading standards.
If they still refuse then make the report to the TS - they will have the power to award compensation even though the process is slow.
The alternative is you could take this to the county court but you are unlikely to be able to recover the time and aggravation you will have in making a county court claim.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
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