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DWP are sending me out a W12 form to get support for mortgage

Customer Question

DWP are sending me out a W12 form to get support for mortgage interest while I am still off sick still recovering from a liver transplant. DWP said I would need to get hold of the mortgage provider to get a summary of how much I have paid from 1st September 2013 to present date. How do they work it out if my mortgage is £539.13 per month? I do hope to get it back dated due to my terminal illness at the time I did not know what was going due to the drugs. I have been paying for my mortgage out my benefits to keep the house going and have been unable to pay any money to my mother for my care over the last eighteen months.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 3 years ago.

Alex Hughes : Thanks for asking for me. It sounds like a positive step but you've haven't asked me a question. Is there something else you wish to know?
Customer :

yes, I do have a more complex question in regards to my property. I have an investor who has 45 properties in the uk and to buy my property for the full market price £159,950. at the moment there is no equity in the property. this lady all houses out. The proposal she has put forward to me is she will take over the mortgage, repairs, maintenance, tenancy and management. She will buy the property when prices have gone up and sell the house at a later date. I have been offered 20% profit for the sale of the property. I am to the stage with not working I cannot maintain the property anymore.

Alex Hughes : Property law is not my area. I will opt out so another expert can help you.
Customer :

How will the DWP work out the mortgage interest from the mortgage lender