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Hello there, I have leased a room within a church for the

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Hello there,
I have leased a room within a church for the past 6 years and shared the cupboard space with the church. My nursery school resources were locked whist they left their cupboard open. As other people used the church in the evenings I always thought they left it opened as there was just a bit of stationery and nothing valuable.
When I moved out I had to put the keys through the letter post as no one was there to do the inventory. 3 days later the church accused me of taking their stuff and are now threatening me of putting their solicitors on me unless I pay £1,600. What is my position?
Many thanks
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether this cupboard is expressly within the agreement please?
Customer: Hi in the agreement it said I had the use of the cupboards bar one. I was there between 8am and 3pm. The hall could be accessed by the church also which is mostly open to all.
Customer: Hi, are you there?
Alex Watts : do they have CCTV?
Alex Watts : Yes I am here. I assume you do not accept taking the items?
Alex Watts : Does anyone else have access to these items ?
Customer: Hi. No CCTV. The hall is accessible by anyone through the church and the cupboard was open. I left the room and put the keys through letterbox. 3 days later the accusations. My company has now closed down and They are giving me a week before they get their solicitors on me. I need to know what is my position as I do not have the money and as far as I know they could be making up half the content.
Alex Watts : Was the agreement in the name of the company? If so was it ltd?
Customer: Yes and yes
Customer: Alex?
Customer: The company has ceased to trade and has no assets. Can they sue me if the contract is in the company s name?
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