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Were having problems with a neighbour first it started over

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Were having problems with a neighbour first it started over parking in which the spot outside our house is opposite there house where my daughters boy friend used to park also people who go to flats the side of our house park and also visitors to there house parked which was ok as long as know one else parked there, S o after one night in which the lady came out shouting the odds and saying my partner was racist and all the neighbours had told . All untrue .
After a few other incidents in which the neighbour as said we are now in a war zone and that she is going to get us out of our council property (also the police have been to her on 12 occasions for things we are supposed to have done no proof or validation as the police never came to us) that we have been to the council and report this, a member of the antisocial behaviour team came out to us and told us to keep a diary and to put up a no parking sign and if any one parks there or goes to the neighbours to ask them politely not to park there.
So I put the sign up and low and behold her friends started to park there so we did as was told and now not only have they reported us to the antisocial team I have also been accused of making a racial comment I was not even presant when said comment was supposed to have been said) to which the police came out to me we have now been told we have got to go to the antisocial behaviour office next week for a meeting with the officer in officer in charge of the case .
My partner and I are at our wits end because we are being accused of things which are not true and are worried this will turn into some thing worse where we will be forced to move out of our home
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
How can I help with this please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We would like to know what else we can do to try to resolve this issue and are worried about the ammount of time the police have been called out on false claims, also is there anything we can do about the false claims of us being racist.

We have done every thing that we have been advised to do by the antisocial behaviour team yet we have to go into the office next week. We are both worried that this is going to result in us losing our home over some thing we havn't done

I cannot think why anyone from the council would tell you to put a "no parking" sign up. It is of no effect if this is a public road. Anyone can park anywhere they like except if there is a dropped kerb.
That does not apply of course if this area forms part of your tenancy. In that case, you can actually go to court to get an injunction to stop people parking there.
The advice you were given about keeping a diary however is excellent advice.
It seems that the neighbour is harassing you. You are entitled to protection from harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act. That is a police matter. Apart from harassing you by continually making complaints to the police, she is also wasting police time however that is something for the police to deal with and not for you to deal with.
If you wish, you can apply to court for an injunction to stop the neighbour speaking to you or approaching you in the street and a solicitors letter threatening the court application for an injunction and legal costs may stop the neighbour carrying on doing what she is doing.
If she has called the police out 12 times and the police have not even been to see you, she is likely to be on very dangerous ground and very close to getting a police caution for wasting police time. It might be worthwhile pursuing that avenue along with that of Harassment with the police.
You can also ask the court for an injunction to stop her making further comments (whether about racism or whatever) about you to any 3rd party.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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