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I'm in the UK. Last year I lived in a small neighbourhood.

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I'm in the UK. Last year I lived in a small neighbourhood. I had many friends there. Some people knew I have "mental illness" and seemed to need a reason to hate me. So I saw my previous Letting Agent last night. He tells me that one of my neighbours told them that 'she saw me walking around ****** naked with a black woman. And she said another neighbour saw this.'
These statement are untrue.
What can I do, is there anything I can do to get her to reract the statement with an apology and stop spreading this rumour?
It is flawed for these reasons:
I don't know any black women (sorry about that) and apparently she was also naked.
I am on a Community Treatment Order and monitored very closer. If my mental health deteriorated to this extent, I would have been Sectioned.
Lastly, it just didn't happen.
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today.
Customer: Hi thanks for your time.
Alex Hughes : These comments could amount to defamation/malicious falsehood/harassment. You can do a number of things 1) Report the matter to the police with a view to prosecuting for harassment 2) Employ a solicitor to write to the persons involved to seek an apology 3) Ignore this as a ridiculous statement but if it happens again take steps 1 and 2. Unfortunately legal aid is no longer available to make civil claims for defamation/slander so you would have to pay for the services of a solicitor yourself.
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