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I am a teacher and due in county court re a traffic offence,

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I am a teacher and due in county court re a traffic offence, will the information be made public? Or is there any circumstances that would mean it would not make the local paper? I would obviously prefer if the information did not get back to mu pupils or their parents.
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : Traffic offences are dealt with in the Magistrates Court. Is this a claim for compensation in the County Court?
Customer: No it is not. My mot had expired on my car by three months and Ive also have had an issue with my licence. When I passed my test 16 years ago I never sent the information off to get a card licences, so on the DVLA I do not appear to have a driving licences. As a teacher I'm worried about the implications to my career. What will happen?
Alex Hughes : OK. So this will be in the Magistrates Court which is open to the press and public. There could be a report in the local paper but the reality is that the press are after more serious offences than a teacher without a licence and MOT. The chances are they'll report something else if they are present in the court room. Although these are criminal offences, they are minor motoring matters and are very different to say sexual, violent or dishonesty offences. They might appear on a DBS search but I would be very surprised if the education authorities felt these were so serious that any disciplinary action should be taken.
Customer: What punishment do think think I will relieve? I have had previous driving offences charges. Points (6)and a fine 8 years ago, will this make a difference?
Alex Hughes : You have points at the moment?
Customer: No they have gone.
Alex Hughes : OK. No MOT carries a fine only. No licence is a maximum of 6 points plus a fine. If you plead guilty I would be surprised if the fine and costs are more than a couple of hundred pounds.
Customer: I am in the process of getting the MOT done (should be completed by next Wednesday) and have already booked my theory test for the 22nd September and a driving test as soon as I pass the theory. Will the court takes these into consideration when looking at my case?
Alex Hughes : DVLA will record the points against your name. The points will appear on your new licence which means for the next 3 years you have to be very careful as you will only have an allowance of 6 points before being considered for disqualification.
Alex Hughes : Getting MOT and licence is helpful but will not make a huge difference to the outcome.
Customer: Will it be better if I attend the court date or send a written response?
Alex Hughes : Entirely your choice. Personally I see no point in attending. Waste of time especially as they'll be a lot of waiting around. Trust me it's not so serious that you need to be there in person. PLUS if you don't attend it's even LESS likely that anything will appear in the press. You can plead guilty by post and send in a letter of mitigation and details of your finances. The court will write back to you with a result and details of how to pay the fine.
Customer: Thank you very much for response and advise. Have a good day.
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