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Just tupeed over to another company, and its been tuff as they

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Just tupeed over to another company, and its been tuff as they haven't replaced all the guys that left, and iv'e done my best to help the new supervisor out , last Monday he asked me to go to the other gate house, and i asked why and the reply i got was i want so put the phone down and went to Dante, well on Wednesday evening before before my night shift, he took me to the offices and his words were I have issues with you and you could be sacked, and john Gillespee will be in to see you when he's off his holidays, so I asked why because you questioned my order, no i didn't I questioned why I couldn't train ishmal he said because i wanted mark to and you shouldn't question you should just do what i ask, so I told him I found him very sexist his voiced raised again no i'm not , i said you should have said Wendy can you come up to Dante so that Mark can finish Ishmail training off there wouldn't have been a problem, had he said can you come up to Dante as Ishmal would prefer to be trained by a male officer that would not have been a problem its my job to question i'm a security officer, he was quite nasty, then he tells me, that the only reason he done this is because ***** ***** the Security manager has forced him to and he read a personal email i sent to a colleague who i thought was a friend, which he took out of context, i'd offered to work sat to help them out , As I was the only one who had really help him he asked if I could do sun as well told him I had made arrangements to go out, so he said well don't bother then ,left it there till wed afternoon when Had a text from Dave Large asking if I was Working Sat, I said no f..k HIM which was meant to be IT then i said What an Arsole , meaning he'd had his chance of me covering a shift , asked why Dave had showed him the text instead of just saying i had made arrangements and he said that Dave felt threatened not quite sure what of, Plus the guys that i have worked with over the last nine years all had great personalities and we had great banter with each other I work with all males but i don't expect them to have to watch there p's and q's when i'm about, the supervisor has said for 3 nights I ignored him before he went home and in the morning not true have to do hand over and he showed me his son doing his first crawl on his phone, and can he ask Jason to sort some fobs out for me, but i was still very busy when he came in as I was doing nearly all the work as was with an untrained officer, he said good morning and i did answer, i'm not ignorant, and the end of the meeting, he asked if my uniform had come I said yes but whats the use of altering it now i'm sacked to which he replied you won't be sacked, then I had a phone call Yesterday afternoon from a colleague telling me that Leigh the supervisor is telling everyone that i'm having a disciplinary, and its the first I've heard of it, I'm finding it all quite stressful at the minute, I feel like I should leave as i'm having to watch my back all the time, then my stubborn streak kicks in and i think no I've been here nearly 9 years and i have an unblemished record , but I don't no where I stand or what to do or where to go for advise regards ***** *****
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. What are you hoping to achieve in this situation?

I just want to know where i stand, just feel i'm being picked on and gang up on , feel as if i have to watch my back all the while, is the supervisor allowed to go round to other security officers telling them that i'm to be subject a disciplinary when i myself have not been informed myself either verbally or in writing,He's already said I face the sack, and am I allowed to take notes, record the interview, have someone with me, and who are they allowed to take into the disciplinary interview, and when its over can i read it and have a photo copy of the proceedings.


how long do i have to wait for my answer, i can't give a rating till i get one can't click on a face as it says the expert has not finished answering my question.

Ben Jones :

Hi, sorry I was offline by the time you had replied earlier. The employer should not be going round informing others that you will or may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings before you have been formally informed of this and eve after that. They have a duty of confidentiality around this and only those people that will be involved in the disciplinary should be informed about it.

If this goes to a formal disciplinary then you will be able to take notes at the meeting and you will also be allowed to be accompanied by a colleague or a trade union rep and they can take notes on your behalf as well if necessary.

The employer would generally have a manager who will chair the meeting and also a note taker but usually that would be it, although it is possible for someone else with authority to sit in. hey could also ask witnesses to attend if there is a need for them to be questioned as part of the evidence.

Ideally you should get the employer’s permission to record the meeting but if they refuse then it is still possible to record it secretly and there is case law to confirm that such recordings can still be used as evidence in tribunal, should it come to that.

After the meeting the employer should draft minutes of the discussions and you should be issued with a copy for your own records, which you can check and challenge if necessary (for example if you disagree with any of the contents or they do not match the notes that you took).

Hope this clarifies your position? If you could please let me know that would be great, thank you

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