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Friend in France believes a London based company he has invested

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Friend in France believes a London based company he has invested in has committed fraud - and just needs advice as to who could assist him get to the bottom of this
My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you - see detail below .
I’m, on a personal point of view, in a bad mood and I would like to ask you if you could help me. Please, don’t hesitate to say that it is not possible for you, if so, and I would be grateful if you could keep this between you and me.
I’m persuaded that I’ve been cheated by an English company based in London. People « working » there, are, in my opinion, real professional at manipulating kind (stupid I mean) persons like me and I felt in their claws….
I would like at first step to know if you, or some legal advisor of Petlog, could check somewhere if in England this company has legal competence, has had troubles with justice, do they have a registered number, are they authorized to make financial business…I personally don’t find a lot about them on the Internet
This is the name and address:
European Ventures Capital Advisors (EVCA),
Level 33, 25 Canada Square,
Canary Wharf, London,
E14 5LQ
Phone: +44(###) ###-####
Fax: +44(###) ###-####
This is the name of the escrow agent, where the money has been send...
20/F, Central Tower 28, Queens Road Central Hong Kong.
As I can see (far too late I confess…) I don’t find any official registration number;
I was at first not suspicious about them because I received each time an « official receipt » at each investment. All documents had a professional look…
But now they go too far and I become suspicious, this is why I ask you if you could have a look.
In case it is not possible for you, would you be kind to recommend me an attorney at law
OK bear with me while I make some enquiries.
I have searched a number of databases to obtain some more information about this organisation but have drawn a blank.
There is no information about them at Companies House, Financial Conduct Authority or on the internet except their own website which does not contain much information.
Your friend should contact the Financial Conduct Authority who regulate investment activity in the UK. Alternatively your friend can contact the Law Society who can provide a list of solicitors who can help to identify the company and her transactions.
If your friend believes there is a scam going on then he/she can contact the police directly to report the matter using this website:
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