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I have a friend in the Philippines and I would like to bring

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I have a friend in the Philippines and I would like to bring her o holiday to Belfast could you helpme find the best way please
Hi, thank you for your question, I will be happy to help you today.
Would you be maintaining and accommodating your friend?
What does your friend do in the Philippines?
Do you have full time employment and your own accommodation?
Have they been to the UK before?
Would you like information on the visa process and documents?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will be keeping her in my home and supporting her

she is a home keeper

I am a pensioner

I don't think she has been to uk before

Thank you for your reply.
If you will be supporting her and providing accommodation for her then you need to write a letter stating that you wish to maintain and accommodate her and state her name and passport number as well as the duration that you wish to accommodate her for.
You need to also include your name and passport number in the letter as well as a contact number for the British Embassy/High commission to contact you if required.
You also need to attach your mortgage statement or if you are a tenant then your tenancy agreement along with a letter from the landlord confirming that they are happy for you to accommodate your friend.You will also need to attach a copy of your passport confirming who you are and your signature.
You would also need to confirm that you will be paying for her tickets and so you need to attach your Bank statement to the letter as well to confirm you have enough funds to pay for her.
If she has not been to the UK before I would not recommend that she stays for more than a few weeks. Apart from what I have stated above, she would need to provide evidence of her employment as a housekeeper and confirm that she will return to her home country after she has visited the UK. Most applications are refused due to the applicant not showing enough evidence that she will return to her home country.
I would therefore suggest that she provides letters for her employer that he expects her to return, and also a letter from the employer confirming her pay and how long she has been employed for. She should as mentioned provide as many documents as possible to show evidence that she will return home so letters from family and friends would also be good.
She would need to applying using the online system, at the following link:
All applications are now made online, and you can also book the appointment as well using the above link.
She may also wish to include how she knows you and why you are happy to pay for a full trip as issues such as this can also help the immigration officer decide in your favor.
I hope this answers your question if however you feel that the answer does not cover all the points raised in your question please do not hesitate to ask further questions until you are satisfied with my answer.
Kind regards
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