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What rights do I have when an ex-friend starts sending me bullying

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What rights do I have when an ex-friend starts sending me bullying and harassing texts? She is my ex's sister-in-law, who used to be my friend, before I met my ex-boyfriend. Every time myself and my ex-boyfriend have a disagreement, she ends up hearing about it from him and sends me rude and abusive texts. I have since blocked her from facebook and my phone, but it still tell tis me when she tries to, even though I can't see her text. We split up over me not being able to afford the time o go on holiday with him, but she always interferes. I have told him that I will call the police next time I see that she has tried to contact me. It happened a second time this morning, and I have reinforced my threat to call the police. Am I within my rights to do this? I don't see why she feels the need to interfere, when he is not even her girlfriend and I never speak to her now.
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How many times has she texted you?
What happens when you change your number?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She has texted me, maybe about 10 times but really don't know. I have lost count. They have always been abusive making out that I have been a complete bitch to him. A friend read a couple of them and confirmed they were abusive. Then I used an app to block them from my phone, but it still indicates when she has attempted to contact me, even though I can't read them. Each time I then contact my (ex) boyfriend, as it is clear that he has been telling her about me, as I have no contact with her since she started sending me abusive texts.

I have never changed my number, as I don't see why I should have to.

If she has made ten acts of contact without any response from you then the police probably would give her a harassment warning if you reported it. They are not going to arrest her realistically but they will usually phone people in this position and tell them that further acts of contact would be considered harassment and that often does bring it to an end.
In terms of changing your number, it is a very common response to make the point that you shouldn't have to. Of course, you shouldn't have to change your number but doing so does bring an end to the contact. It depends upon your priorities really. Generally speaking, the police do take reports more seriously if the reporter has first changed their number.
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